Decapitation and severed limbs!

I’m not sure what the violence limitations are, but I’m going to go ahead and throw out the idea of chopping your enemies to pieces (because why not! :grin:) So how this works is the game would detect when a players weapon, when attacking, hits a limb or head a set amount of times and it will come off. This will cause the player to drop whatever they were holding if an arm is removed and trigger a bleeding out debuff (unless it’s the head, Things tend to die immediately when their heads are removed…) Who doesn’t like violence!

Note: This topic is more for fun than anything

uhhh… yeah
why not?

no… just no…

i am not sure how ‘‘bad’’ they can make the game, i would think bloodmagic and necromancy would be the line. just think to yourself, if they would be able to add a ‘‘gore on/off’’ for that idea, it is too violent >.<

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There is no such thing as too violent my friend… xD

you could use limbs as a weapon :smiley: Slaying titans with the leg of your dead best friend hell yeah!

Or wear his head as a mask! And trick people into thinking your him!

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The possibilities are endless

I’d love the ability to de-weaponate a foe. In a way, aim at foe’s sword with a stone or pistol, and blam the sword flips through the air, lands on the ground, and another player can pick it up. The aftermath, on which item actually belongs to whom would be enormous :smile:

Or cut of his arm and use it to punch the living hell out of him. But I guess using his sword works too

I think the game should be playable also by kids, so NO, please no violence. If somebody wants it let them make non essential mods :wink:


While it could be interesting, as people have pointed out it is too violent for it’s own good. If there is to be any decapitation, let it be the removal of some body part of a slain enemy for a trophy.

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Kenshi is trying this. You lose enough points to your right arm, its useless, and even hangs limp at your side, it can possibly even be hacked off. Time for a robotic implant!

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yeah, the system of damaged libs would be cool for game play issues, but I dislike the idea of “blank” bloody animations or decapitation. The idea of trophies is great, but they don’t need to fly around in the world - just lootable :wink:

Guys, this want a serious suggestion. I just had a stupid idea and wanted to see where it would go XD

I don’t even see why this is a feature anyone would need, but ok. It’ll go waaaaaay down at the bottom of the list of things that should get done in Oort.

Haha, yes I was honestly just bored and wanted to see people’s reactions. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: