Declaring My New Found Love for Boundless!

Hey guys,

I just picked up Boundless and made a little Let’s Play on it. I thought you might get some enjoyment out of watching me fail (a lot).

I’m conscious it’s kind of rude to just chuck a video up without participating in conversation first, so apologies for that, but I’m genuinely loving the game and will be around here often to get to know everyone. Seems like a really nice community from what I’ve seen so far. :slight_smile:


I was wondering when we’d see you join the forum community! Welcome to boundless, and good luck out there!


I demand a collab between @Squidgy @DanBeforeTime and @Steggs101


Welcome to the community! Looking forward to the journey. :smile:

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haha, great video, sums up my first few hours as well apart from the beacon bit.

Ohh wow, look at that moon!!! *falls down a hole and gets trapped under the unbreakable ice for an hour"

Ohh wow, whats that animal!! falls down a different hole and gets trapped under the ice for another hour


You guys are all so nice, I’ve never seen a community like this before, thank you all so much, I feel welcome already! :smiley:

@AnnieGYG You know I was running around with the beacon plotter for about half an hour, felt reeeaaal stupid once I realised!


I’m sure I would have been doing the same but for some magical stroke of luck I ended up with the beacon in one hand and the plotter in the other :grinning:

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squid beard up


This video reminds me of my first two days. Crazy awesome, good job.

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Welcome to the great world of boundless enjoy


Despite I was here early days I can relate to your journey :smiley:
Good to see new promo video’s

Glad to hear this may not have been the worst start then! Thanks for the welcomes :slight_smile:

I’ll be jumping into more conversations soon, just trying to get my head around the game. I’m looking at loads of threads like “no idea what they’re talking about yet”!

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Welcome to the community mate, good luck in your videos and hope you enjoy the game as much as we all do :smiley:

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