Decon 4, Mirror Blocks, & Goo Gun!

So I’m making this post on a few suggestions that:

1- could help out forgers like myself in a shortage of high end resources and very high prices of trophies and other resources needed for forge mats.

So my idea is Decon 4!
Decon 1+ Decon 2+ Decon 3= Decon 4

Higher mat return percent to make what you just spent a fortune on last a little longer!

Higher percentage of mat recovery, lets say 90% for Decon 4 rather than 75% being for Decon 3. Or a number that would make sense.

2- Mirror Blocks, or mirrors for walls, metallic blocks. Might be too much computer genius that goes into this but just a cool suggestion.

3- Goo Gun!! Slingbow boon for a Goo Gun! No more grappling up to each piece of goo you would like to recover! Maybe a Goo Gun Boon would be the answer! Time to Shoot Goo Down to recover goo seeds!

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