Decorative block positioning help (screenshot)


To my knowledge and experience (which isn’t terribly much, except for this very specific block) there is no way to make that particular 2x2 pattern. I’m sorry :frowning: I really wish there was, it would have made my build much more beautiful if this block was fully patternable. (Is that even a word?)


I’ve raised this question.
But developer considers the workload to be too great, and not an urgent requirement, so they chooses to shelve it.


Whilst I do find it very irksome that I can’t place all blocks in the orientation that I want, I don’t feel that it’s a high priority on my list of things to implement/improve upon
(let alone whatever is on the devs list)!

Personally, I’d rather all the core functionality was implemented before quirks like this are addressed (I’d still like to see it addressed at some point in the future, but I can wait)


i absolutely agree, it’s not a priority in any way… i was just thinking that itt was me xD
[that’s why i chose the Creations section]


Not just you :wink: I gave up trying to position those ones to make decorations


Thank you SOOOOOO much for the transparency of the situation around block rotation and positioning. We really need this time of explanation and participation by the developers on many things in the game. I really hope @James can work with you all to find more time to provide more detail on the challenges you all face and why some of the decisions are made the way they are. Yes it is technical but I think it can be very enlightening and would help move our conversations and the game forward in a more conducive fashion.

It helps people to have clarity on the game and shows people in a good way what can and cannot be accomplished. This allows for a more informed player base. AND in all fairness to what @lawrey was trying to communicate, it can give a larger perspective of the game design decisions and constraints which would curtail stronger or perceived hostile conversations toward the developers. That is something I do support even as critical as I can be at times.

People will always have their opinion, which can come of as very opinionated when they don’t have any information on WHY the game is done the way it is. This is true especially for very hot topics that greatly affect game play where limits are applied but no understanding on WHY it was applied. But when information is fully available then the conversation turns constructive because people can add informed suggestions on how to possibly move forward.

Thank you again for the explanation.

Personally, I would support a possible design like you talk about. Most complaints I have seen talk about the primary rotation (view) people are looking at with less concern on the other directions. Overall the greatest complaint is really just having NO idea on whether the rotation you are trying to achieve is possible. So you waste time trying to get it to work and sometimes never do. That is where the tool helps because it makes it easier to go through the sequence where sometimes you just can’t stand in the right direction to get what you need. People can rationalize a limit but have a hard time dealing with the frustration of not knowing WHERE that limit is.


Basicly this is my suggestion: (Note, not even as random as I had said, its almost exactly the same as we have now, but some of the faces on some of the configurations are rotated a bit)


So with only 4 configurations (which basicly match the 4 configurations we have “right now”, largely speaking we still have 2 vertical ones and 2 “sideways” ones), any of the 6 faces can have any rotation of the texture pattern. And you could use a tool to hit one of the 6 directions to rotate “that” direction 90 degrees, and even the current placement system when putting the blocks down would only require a very minor change to fit with the new orientations.

Here I had an entirely non-mirror P pattern texture, but for some of the cases atleast in the game, the texture has atleast one mirroring axis already, so 4 rotations actually does give you the 2 flips as well because of the texture already being mirrored (Eg imagine the P in this diagram is a T shape instead, or is a texture with just a diagonal line in one corner)

Block Positioning And Rotation
Difference between North/South and West/East when placing brick

– edit: updated the image above now. feel free to remove your comment.


Hopefully the poll I put in suggestions give some data on what people are looking for and can help determine the best course of action to give more functionality but limit the need to use much of the space restrictions in games that has on bits.


[short intro:]
basically we need 3 faces: opposite faces to be mirrored (not rotated) and connecting face to be 90° rotation (and so on with other faces)
an horizontal plane of blocks will eventually be a floor and a roof, so i want the design to be mantained both sides; a wall follow the same expectations (it’s an vertical plane)
a wall with max height of 2 blocks (we don’t count starting and ending blocks); this description consider any sort of “fountain” or generically speaking any protruding from the ground or wall decorative compositions made with blocks (just colored or with designs)
any complexity of design/pattern/composition is just a sub of this description, like a fountain on a fountain on top of a fountain with fountains protruding from any side
[end of intro]

the problem as you said with your “P” design are asymmetrical designs, wich leads to no patterns as is always missing a mirrored piece (you may have a good 2 block pattern like >>>> or <<<< but not <><><>) as you are going to use the joint between the 2 blocks as the axis of symmetry(but it’s not true as you always miss one tile of the mosaic)

any design with a symmetry axis has no problem [-] [I] [+] [x] since basically it is “self mirroring”

I would suggest to eliminate any design that has no symmetry axis; and insert the blocks 90° angular version of straight design xD so that we can close frames around patterns on the floor and not only using the 4 walls of a room tu turn around :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes actually, you’re right, a mirror would be better so that a 1 block thick wall can have the exact same multi-block pattern on both front and back of it (just mirrored).

So, can take my diagram and make all the back faces be mirrors of the front instead.


yup, and i think we don’t need any rotating or mirroring tool in this way, and save block-ids and bits?


I’d still want a rotation tool.

With backs mirrored instead, it’d be like this:

Can still have 4 rotations on each face and rotate as before, and continue to have ‘vertical’ and ‘horizontal’ overall directions as before, only now if you made a 1 thick wall/floor the other side of the wall floor would get the same consistent pattern.


That looks very good. And I agree, a tool would still be helpful!


Ok, has anyone played with the rotation ability in Creativerse, and can compare/explain the differences in these suggested approaches compared to that, to me? I’m a little too slightly inebreated to do the 3D transformations in my mind atm… :wink:


No idea. Maybe some testing would be in order, because my brain has a hard time imagining exactly how it would turn out with all the textures. But it seem good.


yes, a rotation tool is needed to cover all the possibilities (i am doing tests with autocad xD)


I think you’re misunderstanding me. When I say rotation too, it’s only to swap between these 4 configurations.


yep, sometimes i suffer the language barrier @lucadeltodecso :frowning: so it’s possible that i misunderstand something

[edit: it’s just a scheme, and there is an error in face 6 not being mirror of face 5… just wanted to do the exercise and understand what was missing]


A rotation tool is required because this issue also about game play quality. People spend a lot of time trying to place blocks in the right direction and in many cases you cannot easily get to the spot needed to place a block the way you want. So a tool allows movement from any place and improves game play.

I created another thread in the “suggestions” area so that people could vote on the block faces they focus on as well as continue discussions. I am unable to move these posts there so we have a comprehensive thread. I’d suggest people move to that thread so its in the appropriate area for game improvements.

Maybe a dev can move relevant posts there…