Decorative Crops, Beacon Boundaries, and Knowledge Filters are here!

Greetings Citizens!

We have another great update to Boundless for you today as we release the second wave of Farming content! In this release we’ve introduced Decorative Crops, Beacon Boundaries, and some super helpful filters in the Knowledge and elsewhere.

The new Crops are;

  • Imperial Harlequin
  • Ancestor’s Blade
  • Ornamental Oortweed
  • Trailing Starblossom
  • Sentinel’s Crest

These can be planted throughout your Beacons (as long as the correct growing conditions are met), just like any other Crop. Prestige Crops will eventually wither and die, removing the extra Prestige they give - so you’ll need to keep a good eye on your Crops and replace them regularly to benefit from their Prestige boosts. To craft most of these, you’ll need to use drops from the regular farmed crops. Sentinel’s Crest, however, will be harvested from Meteorites on Elemental Worlds.

We’ve also expanded the protection afforded to Beacons in Boundless. Upon reaching 10k Prestige, a horizontal boundary will now be automatically reserved around the outside of your Beacon. Other Players will be unable to claim these without specific Permissions, granted by the new title of ‘Surveyor’.

This will allow Players to plan their larger Builds as they expand, and will mitigate disputes over bordering Settlements. When multiple Beacons meet and Reserved Plots overlap, the Plots with the oldest claim have authority. For those who wish to disable this, the option will be accessible within the Beacon Control menu. For example, a typical use case here would be if you were looking to building a road network.

It’s a seemingly small change, but the new filter and search system within the game’s menus should make things a whole lot easier - from Crafting to going shopping for Ingredients, the ability to search for specific Items within the game’s various menus should come in very handy.

Of course, we’ve got all the usual fixes and quality of life updates in here too, and the full patch notes have all the details - Release 227: Decorative Crops!.

Enjoy the new-look farming everyone, and please share your screenshots with us as always!


Looking forward to trying it all out at the end of the week when I’m back from holiday!

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Awesome, been looking forward to the decorative crops, can’t wait to play with it later! :slight_smile: Thanks for all your work as always devs, much appreciated! :smiley: (Edit, put this update thread onto the Reddit too!)

The beacon boundaries puts my mind at ease that some whale can’t come absorb my base <3

I really liked the use of flowers and products of wheat, oats, rice … to create the prestigious seeds, a good idea to use them. I have a question, is the color of the plant random?
edited: the color of the flower marks that of the seed, doesn’t it?

This I really like.


I’m legit curious to know in, say a few months, how many people will still bother with prestige crops, seeing at how maintenance-heavy they are.

I’m calling it, this was again released waaaay too soon.

I mean, COME ON, I’ve planted these last Friday, LESS THAN A WEEK AGO on Testing with high-octane fertilizer, and some are already dead! Some aren’t fully grown, yet!
They’re supposed to last 3 weeks once grown!

Are you telling me that there’s a chance for prestige crops to die suddenly after like one or two days of maturity?!


@SamF I’d love it if you could still use Z and C to go through the menu in the Filter. I used to do that all the time to see what I could craft, but now there’s no hotkey for it anymore. :frowning:

EDIT: I also just noticed it doesn’t remove the search query text between machines, which does get a little annoying quite fast.

Otherwise, I really like the search feature.


So all the prestige crops will require maintenance? The optimist in me hoped they would not need tending to after a certain stage… Guess it makes sense though.
How much prestige are we talking for these?

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thumbs up for the update!
just one thing: is this on purpose ? (chiselled block with liquid now only shows liquid on the side)

That’s really odd… I’m not seeing this for my own chiselled liquid blocks;

the top side works fine. it’s only where the liquid and the block box side are on the same plane

I have no idea how much prestige they bring, but I can tell you that if you want to get the best out of them, you will need to fertilize them and keep an eye on them. If the fertilizer is consumed, you’ll have to put more fertilizer.
Once the plant is grown, and the withering timer appears, you need to fertilize it again to increase the time left before withering.
It makes a difference from about 3 weeks to 4.5 weeks. Buuut sometimes, it doesn’t… I don’t know… it’s screwy.
Which is why I made the previous message about this update being released too early for my tastes.


Something strange has been happening with liquids. Sometimes it will leak out of chiseled blocks even without what would seem like an opening. I figured it was intended so i never bothered to report

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I also commented same kind of things on testing thread, takes probably while before getting used to not use Z and C like before :smiley:

I hope filter and search get small QOL improvements soon when people comment more these new great features :slight_smile:

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Same. Here’s hoping. øwøb

the change seems to be only visual, I assume it’s the z-fighting thing mentioned in the notes, but if I understand it correctly, that was to solve liquid + liquid interactions. I don’t remember any visual issues between liquid and solid blocks in 226 and I’ve seen many builds using chiselled + liquid on the side successfully and intentionally

around 100 prestige for each floor


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