Decorative Crops lasting less than 2 weeks?

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It’s all because they want us to get out in the wild to make new ones and/or buy/trade new ones.
Which, honestly, seems too much like forcing things.
I’m not forced to go mine for more stones/gleam, etc. I just do it because I want to. Should be the same with seeds.

Yea im gonna plant some for myself today. I can’t justify saying the system is bad until i actually see for myself i guess.

I was framed! I’m innocent I tell ya

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I’d suggest you plant about 30 of them to get a proper idea.

I’ve kept about 2000 purple flowers i got while clearing land on sorissi. I’ll plant 50-100 to get a real idea and try to keep track of when they mature/get fertilized/die to see if they’re worth it to me or not


Good plan! Keep us posted!

sorry for necroing but I’d really like the wither feature to be changed/updated.

I don’t mind withering in general 'cause withered crops have a use from a builder perspective as well BUT there should be a possibility to keep them alive.
The amount of the prestige they provide is pretty “meh” compared to other blocks which are easier to come by so there should be atleast a possibility to keep them alive permanently - even if it was a nutrition block close by (which we could chisel to make it invisible if needed or plot below ground level as some other kind of fertilizer).

I think the design of the prestige flowers is one of the best decorative items in the game but due to the withering factor barely anyone is using them. This is a total bummer tbh :frowning:


I fully agree. I used to have a shop selling flower seeds and sentinel crests but who buys something decorative that is not lasting over time?


maybe cover them is resin to preserve them or something and strip them of prestige …
When the update came out I had them all over my build …but I am terrible at maintaining them :sweat_smile: And even when maintained they still wither …

I would like the option for both ( cuz withered plants can be used to decorate creepy builds or graveyards )

But right now it does feel like a waste of a very beautiful design


Why not necro the 5 or 6 other threads asking for the same thing.

the devs dont care, just feed decorative crops to the chyrisominter until they understand they are worthless to people that actually have a life.

I never used them because they aren’t permanent. :sweat_smile:


It’s sadly one of the many reasons I’m not playing Boundless anymore.
Even on a creative world, they wither and die.

There’s several solutions that would make things better for everybody, including those who like “the beauty of impermanence” or whatever it was.


I’d say get rid of the prestige all together. And have a chisel determine which stage of growth they stay at.

An alternative thought
We have 2 fertilizer now.
1 Fertilizer brings them back to life
The other adds up to 4 weeks.
Kinda like beacon fuel.


Flowers should just be pretty not prestigious.
Everything in nature is free to enjoy but also needs to be respected. :wilted_flower: :hibiscus:


I agree. Remove the prestige and make them simply pretty.


I wonder how much data has been gathered on the use of this prestige system. Maybe it needs a balance pass…

Personally I’m mixed on just having flowers with no prestige because every block has it. It wouldn’t make sense for having one with and one without. Maybe if we start the trend of no prestige maybe it is the time to remove prestige across the board. Of course I know most people don’t want that - I’ve always disagreed with the system.

But if people want a “non-prestige” flower, I’d suggest listing a variety of things that we want that have no prestige and put it into a “suggestion thread” so the developers can evaluate whether they want to add that system or not. One offs do not work well, but a group of things might win them over.


A set prestige like a block would be fine too. I like prestige. I like looking at that number and knowing it’s all build!
Not sure if grass gives prestige? I know you don’t gain xp from planting it. did a bunch of stacks around my place last night. And honestly I’d use them if there was a way to preserve them. It would bring a market for them that right now isn’t there. There was at first when they were new but died off.


Grass and dirt etc gives zero prestige
I think the original 4 flower types give no prestige either

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Irony haha


As someone who is highly motivated by prestige, the decorative crops fail extremely hard. They do not give enough value to even be worthy of having them wither, the effort of planting them and waiting for them to grow is enough for the little effect they seem to have on prestige.

Just remove the wither effect, some types plants can indeed last a very long time. even in some unfriendly environments, such as radioactive areas.

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