CRAZY IDEA : Chrono-stasis spray for Prestigious crops

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So this has likely been suggested already (among others, by me, in the middle of other threads, while I was rambling) :
CRAZY IDEA : Crops improvements
Thing is, I thought this had its own thread… but turns out, nope! So there!

Chrono-stasis spray for Prestigious crops :

A few minutes ago, I was running around in our 6000+ plots build, and I found an old and withered prestigious crop that we planted a long time ago, which restarted my brain’s Salt-Engine© (the thing that keeps me running - Gob-Fact!).

Yeah, I mean, the prestigious crops and their RNG-based withering timer thing, that’s awesome IF you have them all lined-up at the same place, but if you wanna have a HUUUUGE build and want to plant them in a LOT of (hard-to-reach) places, that’s less than ideal. Now imagine if you don’t even care about the prestige they bring!

SO HERE IS a good compromise idea to resolve the issue.

It’s a fertilizer item crafted with whatever, let’s say Amber+Blink+Rift+Umbris+Unobtainium. You decide!

If you spray that on a growing / mature crop, ta-da, magic, the crop stops growing, and it stays at its current growth stage and never wither, but it also stops giving prestige! If you harvest a crop under chrono-stasis, it also won’t give you anything.

This way, you get a good compromise! You could :
• get the prestige if you are ready to deal with the RNG-withering part of the prestigious crops.
• keep any crops at any temporary growth stages for decoration purposes.
• keep the decoration crops without worrying about the prestige and RNG-withering timer.

  • Yay, I want the chrono-stasis spray!
  • Meh, I don’t care for the chrono-stasis spray…
  • Nay, I don’t want the chrono-stasis spray.

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One of the biggest concerns devs have with making decorative plants last forever is that people will use them to prestige bomb.

However, with your suggestion people can be allowed to have just that (which is good), because the cost of making the spray when you could just use its ingredients to make decorative lucent gem blocks means people will only use it for its intended purpose (to make places look nicer) instead of for prestige abuse.

100% support!


It’s a great idea as the crops hardly get used at all currently, I believe so anyway?

this, exactly. The lucent cost should be equivalent in terms of prestige to what you would get by building with lucent blocks. And add in the “Unobtanium” if the prestige boost is going to be much greater.

Are the deco plants considered mesh blocks? Our of curiosity

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Definitely want this! I don’t care for the prestige but i filled my place with prestige plants when they first released for the aesthetic. Look amazing until they wither and i’m far too lazy to go around replanting them all :laughing:

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I don’t even think it’s this… I go around doing all sorts of tedious tasks for hours on end in this game, ahha… but for some reason, despite them looking great and providing prestige, it just does not feel rewarding to keep them either fertilized or replaced once dead.

I think I understand what the devs wished to achieve when these were released and that was to have people not spam prestige and also to have them be desired things to have in your build (i.e. uncommon)


Just look at the description… if there is no decay of these plants then sooner or later everyone will have one on their windowsill. So somehow I guess the “unobtainium” must take care of this rarity… and colour selections (choosing which one to spray) will become important.

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I mentioned the unobtainium as a joke as I personally think blink/rift/umbris are already hard enough to get, but it would be hilarious if the devs added the unobtainium as a ressource. ^^’

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Oh and here I was thinking you had in genius style used the word “unobtainium” as a way of placing an abstract concept, that hadn’t yet be determined, into your recipe. Whether that be an actual resource, or a process, or a consumable (fuel), etc etc etc, etc… to ensure they couldn’t be spammed basically.

But regardless, yes, I now want Unobtanium blocks in game please :joy:

I mean, genius style, of course, you know, that’s my usual style. < cough >
But it was both, yes. If the devs decided to add a new ressource and make it harder to get than rift/umbris/blink, but if that also meant we’d get that chrono-stasis spray item, I’d be fiiiine with it.
As I’m usually a dirt-poor player, I’d still rather have a simpler recipe, however. ^^

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And that’s where I think a “process” is the more sensible option to fill the “unobtanium” space in the recipe, as the wealthier players will still be able to spam these lucent recipes. If I hadn’t of given away all my rift and set all of my blink on fire in a cavern at the bottom of the deepest oceans I would of been able to make thousands of chrono spray I’m sure, lol