FAQ: Sovereign and Creative World

Q How do I rent a Private World?

Head to our online store https://shop.playboundless.com and purchase your Private World. After buying the World, you will be emailed a link to the “Create Your World” form. This form allows you to customise your World. Once completed your World will be generated and added to the Boundless Universe.

Q How much does a Private World cost?

There are 3 sizes of World available. They are priced at;

  • 3 km World - $9.99
  • 4.5 km World - $19.99
  • 6 km World - $39.99

These prices include generation and an initial 30 day period of the Private World. The Worlds can be renewed via the World Fuels also available in the store. Your World time will only start when the World is online.

Q How long will it take for my Private World to appear?

Private Worlds can take up to 24 hours be to be online.

Q How long does a Private World initially last for?

Once your World is purchased, it will be generated, then will remain online for an initial 30 days. Extending this is simple with one of the World Fuels available in the store.

Q How do I extend the duration of my Private World?

To extend the duration of a Private World, purchase a World Fuel from the online store. You will then be sent a key via email. On receiving this, head to the Shop > Redeem tab in-game and simply input the key to extend the duration of your World by the amount of time you purchased. These are available in various increments.

World Fuels are universal across both types of planet, and all sizes. The amount of time they add scales with the size of the World. For example, a Lesser World Fuel will confer 30 days to a 3 km World, 15 days to a 4.5 km World, and 7.5 days to a 6 km World.

Q What options will I have to customise my Private World before it goes ‘live’?

You can select between Simple and Advanced paths.

  • Simple configuration allows you to select from a collection of standard World profiles.
  • Advanced configuration allows you to manually select the World Resource profile, biomes, and fluid types.

Q Can I customise my Private World after it’s already gone live?

Once your World has been deployed, the World Control will act as your primary tool for maintaining and customising it. This will allow:

  • Renaming of the World.
  • Toggling Beacon Compactness rules.
  • Toggling Invulnerability for all Citizens.
  • Toggling Flight for all Citizens.
  • Toggling Creature spawning.
  • Toggling Meteorite spawning.
  • Granting Can Visit, Can Claim and Can Edit Permissions to All Citizens, individual Citizens and Guilds.
  • Selecting the World’s Block Colours.
  • On Creative Worlds, the Block Colours can be changed freely.
  • On Sovereign Worlds, the Block Colours can be changed every 30 days.
  • To view all Citizens who;
    • Have visited the World within the past 2 days
    • Have Permissions on the World
    • Own Beacons on the World.
  • An option to PM any Citizen on the Citizen list.
  • An option to add any Citizen to the Block List.
  • An option to Reclaim all Beacons for any Citizen.

Q Can I regenerate a Private World?

It is not possible to regenerate a Private World once it has been added to the Boundless Universe.

Q What is the difference between a Sovereign and a Creative World?

Sovereign Worlds follow the same rules as the main Boundless Universe; however, they are governed by the specific User who owns it. Permissions, Plotting rules, and the appearance of the World are all set by the User.

With a Creative World, you will get unlimited Plots, unlimited Items, and the option to have unlimited Health, Stamina and Air, as well as the ability to Fly. This operates outside of the rules of the Boundless Universe, and so the progression and Coin systems are not in place here. Items created on a Creative World can not be taken into the Sovereign and Known Worlds.

Q Can all my Characters visit my Private World?

Yes, Private Worlds are owned by a User, not a Character.

Q Can I control who can visit my Private World?

Yes. Whilst Private Worlds are part of the main Boundless universe, they can only be visited by the owner along with any Citizen or Guild who are given Permissions. It is also possible to grant Permissions to all Citizens.

Q Can anybody Plot on my Private World?

Only Citizens and Guilds who have been explicitly given permission by the World Owner can Plot on a Private World. It is also possible to set the global Permissions allowing all Citizens to Plot on a Private World.

Q Why do I still need Plots on a Private World?

Plots are required to control Citizen Permissions to access a Beacon and to protect Builds from World Regeneration.

Q I want a Private World that adheres to all the rules of the Boundless Universe but is just for me and my friends. What do I need?

You are looking for a Sovereign World.

Q I want a Private World that allows me to build huge creations with unlimited Plots, and which exists apart from the main universe rules. What do I need?

You are looking for a Creative World.

Q What Sizes of Private World are available?

A Private World is 3 km, 4.5 km, or 6 km.

Another way of putting it is that the 3 km = Exoworld size, 4.5km = Known World size, and 6 km = bigger than any Known World.

Q How many players can my World support?

All Worlds can invite an unlimited number of Citizens or Guilds to Visit, Plot and Edit.

  • A 3 km World can support up to 10 players concurrently.
  • A 4.5km World can support up to 20 players concurrently.
  • A 6 km World can support up to 40 players concurrently.

Q How should I name my Private World?

Your World is renamed via the World Control. The name must abide by the Boundless EULA and Code of Conduct.

Q How much control over Plotting rules will I have on my Private World?

You will have full control over Plotting regulations. Permissions dictate who can or cannot Plot, and Beacon Compactness can be turned on or off as you wish via the World Control.

Q Will my Private World be visible to others in the Boundless Universe?

The World will only be visible in the sky to Citizens to whom you have allowed access.

Q Can I extend a Private World for my friends or Guild?

Purchase the relevant World Fuel from the store, and then Redeem the key in game. You will be given the option to extend the Worlds you own, any World you have a Beacon on, or the World you’re currently on.

Q What should I do if a User is breaking the game’s CoC or EULA on my World?

Please follow the usual procedure to report this User. In addition, you may at your discretion remove the Citizen’s Plotting Permissions, or even force reclaim their Beacons.

Q Where in the universe will my Private World be located?

The World will be deployed into the region selected during customisation. The World will orbit a Known World of a similar level, much like an Exoworld. Only Citizens with Permissions to visit a Private World will see it in the live universe.

Q Can I remove a Citizen from my Private World?

Yes - Citizens can be added to the Blocked List, and their Beacons force reclaimed. They will be instantly kicked from the World. They will also be Blocked from all Worlds you own.

Q What happens if my Private World expires?

When a Private World expires, it will be Locked, and Citizens will be unable to visit it. Whilst Locked no Portal Fuel or Beacon Fuel will be consumed. A Private World can be unlocked by extending it with a World Fuel Extension.

Private Worlds will be kept for a minimum of 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, the Private World will be deleted to make space for a new World.

Q Can I transfer ownership of my world to another user?

Yes. Please PM a moderator requesting a transfer.

  1. You must PM the request from the account of the owner of the world.
  2. The PM must include the name of the world.
  3. The PM must include the username of the new owner.

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Worlds are generated in the order they’re submitted to the World Creation form, rather than the purchase order.

Just to make sure it’s clear - it will take up to 24 hours to generate all the worlds.

In the future we will add an additional email notification that the world is now online.


Can I specify which planet to orbit or only the region and pray to god RNG dislodges my planet into orbit around the planet I want?


Just as a quick update, we’re processing the world orders as soon as we can, however thanks to the very strong response we do have over 100 worlds in the queue to be generated so it may take a little while.

We can generate many worlds in parallel but the initial version of some of the scripting was written to be more serial for stability, we wanted to make sure we didn’t have issues that would mess up anyone’s order.

We are looking to try and increase the parallelism a bit with some manual checks in place so we can hopefully accelerate the rate we get to everyone’s order.


When I ordered mine it only asked for the region I wanted

Can meteors spawn on A player owned Sovereign world and hunts happen on a player owned Sovereign world? How would that work with permissions if so?

Curious about how region selection works. Is it possible to select the world it orbits or would one have to play the RNG slot machine until one gets their world orbiting the planet they want?

What happens if you choose the smaller plans but your world ends up getting a bit more popular than server can handle concurrently. Is there a way to upgrade to the 6km?


Can only 40 people play at the same time on a 6km long world or can only 40 people plot?

Re the greyed out ‘Redeem’ button - the process of generating your World consumes the key for you. If you follow the generation form, you won’t need to use the Redeem button for now (that’ll be used when you later try to apply a World Fuel).

Thanks for the reports we’ll update that.


40 people at the same time :blush:


So we have 100 People In a guild… We make a guild planet lets say 6km one… So 40% of our guild can play there others are In the mean while playing ping pong?

Im sorry but that feels a bit dumb To me… Are these final slot we are getting?


@Leahlemoncakes Could you confirm that you do not get the decide around which Permanent World your Creative World is in orbit? That might make or break the deal for me.

Can confirm from my ordering. The web form said it is randomly decided during generation i think.

@SamF @Leahlemoncakes will we get email or a PM or a notification in game when our world has been generated?


Creative Worlds can we Warped and Bridged to from ANY world so that should hopefully cover that for you :blush: