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Official Boundless Info
:black_small_square: Boundless Code of Conduct Updated Aug 2023 :point_right: Monumental: Code of Conduct
:black_small_square: Boundless Guidelines
:black_small_square: Sovereign & Creative Planet Q&A
:black_small_square: Boundless Store - Rent a Planet, get fuel
:black_small_square: Wiki
:black_small_square: Updated Oct 2022 Monumental Devs on the forum
:black_small_square: News, Updates, & Releases
:black_small_square: World Maps for download
:black_small_square: :warning:How to get help and/or contact the Devs Updated Oct 2022 = support@playboundless.com

:black_small_square: Boundless on Discord
:black_small_square: Boundless Website
:black_small_square: Boundless on Steam
:black_small_square: Boundless on Reddit
:black_small_square: Boundless on Facebook
:black_small_square: Boundless on Playstation
:black_small_square: Boundless on Twitter
:black_small_square: Boundless on Youtube
:black_small_square: Boundless on Instagram

3rd Party Websites, Links, Apps, & Tools (Planet info, shopping items, colors, etc)
:white_small_square: Useful References :star:
:white_small_square: https://boundlesscrafting.com/
:white_small_square: https://www.boundlexx.app/
:white_small_square: https://butt.boundless.mayumi.fi/ :white_small_square: Farming
:white_small_square: https://boundlessinfo.com/
:white_small_square: https://boundless.bdew.net/
:white_small_square: Permanent / Known Worlds color spreadsheet list
:white_small_square: boundlesemoji.glideapp.io
:white_small_square: http://www.pfiffel.com :white_small_square: DMG calculator
:white_small_square: Guild glyph icon generator https://boundlesscrafting.com/guilds/glyphs
I will update this post from time to time.

Support/update posts for the third party sites/tools (as posted below by @Angellus ):




Nice thank you!

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Looks good, can you add https://butt.boundless.mayumi.fi/ too?

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Can you add https://boundless.mayumi.fi/farming/ ?


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Your missing this Vex-chan @majorvex

boundlesemoji.glideapp.io 19

By @DragonTamer


there’s also http://www.pfiffel.com/ for damage calculator, average block/recourse drops, forging info, & more =)


Wait, shouldn’t the actual link be

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well that one goes directly to the damage cal. but the other link makes it a bit more obvious that there are other Boundless tools available… with the (-) side effect of showing unrelated tools too… :man_shrugging:

Ah, I do see them now. I just saw the music thing at the top, and was like… wait, an off-brand Spotify? O_O xD

Can this topic be pinned? If any topic should be pinned, it’s this one.

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Thank you very much MajorVex

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I would actually recommend removing http://www.pfiffel.com/. It great for historical reasons, but the site is out of date, not secure (HTTP) and Boundless Information Station (https://boundlessinfo.com/) has all of the same functionality. I plan to also add that data to Boundlexx at some point as well.

I also recommend getting rid of the Google doc for the color spreadsheet (my main goal of Boundlexx was always to kill Google Docs spreadsheets). I have a dynamically generated one available via Boundlexx located at https://cdn.boundlexx.app/exports/color_export.xlsx. It includes Exoworlds and Sovereigns, but it does not have the fancy color background the Google doc one has. It is updated regularly (I think once a hour or once a day).

If anyone wants to add the fancy colors and everything that are in the Google Doc one, the code that generates the export parodically is located at https://github.com/AngellusMortis/boundlexx/blob/master/boundlexx/api/tasks.py#L267

Also might be a good idea to list the support/update posts for a lot of the third party sites/tools as well as that should help keep down the “is BUTT down?” posts.

Some more links:



Is anyone still working on this? I was thinking about adding some to this myself but didn’t want to step on any toes. I would like to add the ability to sort the columns and also add a page for showing sovereign colors that are available but are not currently on any sovereign.

That would allow me as a sov owner to select a color that wasn’t currently being used

Is there a tool that shows portals/portal locations on a planet?

No unfortunately. Locations of portals can only be gotten via the game’s Websocket so there is no good way to extract portal data. Someone could in theory code it into BounlessProxyUI, but then we would need a lot more people running BoundlessProxyUI for it to be useful.

The closest thing (and probably where the portal data would go if I had it) is the interactive Atlas maps for each of the worlds on Boundlexx: Boundlexx - The Boundless Lexicon


Is their anyway to add region outlines to world maps?

I have never seen an API for regions so it is doubtful. Data without a game API usually only comes form the Websocket and it is not really easy to extract (same issue as portals).

Even settlements, I can only get the top 50 of. I only have Beacons because they are provided in the World Map Downloads. Shops are on the official API.

Those interactive Atlas maps are very nice!
Thanks for making those.

@Stretchious is Boundless Crafting still pulling/posting rental planet data?

Someone is asking about their Sovereign not showing up on there & they’d really like it to. Their planet is showing on boundlessinfo.

Sending a PM…

Useful one too