Q: How do I contact the developers?

There are a few ways to contact the developers or get support with Boundless:

  1. Create a thread in the Support Category. Consider using this if you have an issue that other players might hit or be interested in learning about. Always search the Support Category to see if someone has already asked the same question. Make sure you include lots of details to support your query: machine spec, the latest log from your game, your driver versions, etc. We genuinely can’t help you without these details.

  2. Contact one of the experienced community members. Our Boundless forum rewards members for their continued involvement and they know lots about the game.

  3. Contact a Regular member. Regulars know almost everything about the game. Don’t be shy - ask them for their wisdom.

  4. Contact a Leader member. Leaders have a range of forum moderation permissions and can help you with forum specific issues.

  5. Tweet @playboundless on Twitter. We try to respond to everything. This is a good option if you want to have a public conversation about Boundless beyond the forum.

  6. PM a member of the dev team. Only PM a dev if you think that they can help with something specific. Don’t PM everyone. Please don’t abuse this.

  7. Email boundless@turbulenz.com for issues relating directly to Boundless, your purchase, updates, or problems with the game. In general we prefer questions in the Support Category as it allows the community to help with answers - we may respond asking you to post the question in the forum…

  8. Email wonderstruck@turbulenz.com for business queries.


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