Boundless world maps for download

Latest maps are available here:


Niiiiice! Thanks James!

I can see my house!

Does it means those maps will be updated regularly?

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:open_mouth: :heart_eyes:

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Excellent, thanks!! :+1::star:

Huh, wow. I can’t actually see anything I’ve built on my base. Didn’t know it was that short time ago it’d been simple cliff plateaus. :stuck_out_tongue:

Which is Maryx?

Thank you @james

Pretty sure it’s Use2_t0_0 looking at the land

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Nice, I can print this out and glue it to my donut!


Thank you so much James for the maps. It is interesting to see how the players of the community have made their mark on their perspective worlds!


Yep, I went and searched mine out! :slight_smile:

A real :trophy: has to go to the Cephonex Merika Star. :star: That is just incredible.

Being able to see builds on other planets is just something that I love so much, I never tire of staring up at the skies and checking everything out.


These are awesome. Thanks for these.

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Cannot open, gives me an error ;/

Be sure to give Gyosha Ophin a look in a few months :slight_smile: I am slowly building my base, and it’s going to change a bit. Finally close to having everything I need plotted to start building on it.


How often do these get updated? I’m really curious to try and do a ‘timelapse’ of alder cause it’s been built up so much the last few months.

Awesome, will do! :slight_smile: My new main place is going up (very slowly) on Gyosha as well. I forget my own coords though. :rofl: But I’ve always loved Gyosha both for the resources and colors, and found a lovely spot, so I think it is time for a big change, though over time… my Alder settlement was sort of patched together as I learned, maybe do better this time.

Huh, these are a few weeks old already I think? My farm is just a pit still :slight_smile:

Oh I meant to tell you I redid your farm this morning. It is a pit again. .



You want me to go check huh? Tsk! It was there an hour ago :wink:

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