Boundlexx API: An API to get all things related to Boundless

Great! I was worried 95% of the planets would disappear from the API since people haven’t done the discord thing.


WARNING: I am always working to make Boundlexx model more closely to how the game does stuff. Next up on the chopping block is world resources and drop rates. Because of that, I need to “fix” some of the existing data. All of the “resource counts” endpoints (listWorldPollResources, retrieveItemResourceCount, and retrieveItemResourceTimeseries) will all be getting updated to return the correct source block for an item.

All of the following “items” will be updated their proper “block item” (the seam blocks):

Rough Amethyst
Rough Diamond
Rough Emerald
Rough Topaz
Rough Ruby
Rough Sapphire
Rough Rift
Rough Blink
Copper Ore
Iron Ore
Silver Ore
Gold Ore
Titanium Ore
Soft Coal
Medium Coal
Hard Coal
Small Fossil
Medium Fossil
Large Fossil
Ancient Tech Remnant
Ancient Tech Component
Ancient Tech Device
Rough Umbris
Rough Oortstone

After doing this, I also plan to add drop rate calculations to Boundlexx and there will be new endpoints that will be “resource drop counts” versions of the existing “resource counts” ones. These new resource drop count endpoints will take into consideration all of the things that contribute to the drops, meaning it will allow you to search on Inky leaves instead of Rosetta Nox and it will show counts/averages based on drop rate for the Tier of the world correctly as well.

No ETA on release, the above changes to “fix” the data will likely go out in the next couple of days. If I manage to get the drop rate stuff done, I will add it in as well. Hopefully everything will be out by this time next weekend.


Previous changes mentioned above are live!

  • Changes resources to properly pull from game files (all of the “Rough” version of items have been replaced with the “Seam” block versions of the item)
  • Adds prestige, mine_xp, build_xp, is_liquid, is_block, and resource_data to retrieveItem API.
  • Fixes time to generate API Schemas, so now that do not timeout ever anymore!

Are these maps available for all worlds, sovs too? I scrapped my map thing for BUTT when sovs came out since only has perm worlds, this could make it possible again :slight_smile:

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Maps come from the exports that the devs have started doing:

I automated pulling these into Boundlexx (automated as in a command I give the Dropbox URL to). These include all Homeworlds and public Sovereign worlds. I have also gotten the beacon data and plan to add the beacons to the API as well.

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Also, ingesting of the Beacon data is still in progress. Many worlds may not have beacon data for the next hour or 2 (should be done by 2020-11-03T05:00:00Z).

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not sure if you are bug fixing v1 of the api, but the shopstand id variable isnt being populated on the shop_stands_url so this is the url for all shop stands on all worlds is showing as “

I can add it. I do not do a big side by side between the serializers so I could have missed values.

EDIT: Neverminded, @xyberviri, that is expected behavior actually. The v2 API does not provide ids either: The only data that should need to be added to the v1 API is data that is missing from it that the v2 API has.

Shops to not have a single “id” (primary key). There are no API endpoints to directly look them up and their actual database primary key is a composite ID of time + world + location. Shop data is actually all timeseries data behind the scenes, I just have not made the dedicated timeseries endpoints yet for them. Beacons are the same way, they do not provide an “id” as their primary key is a composite of time + world + location as well. World polls are the odd one out since Resources are broken out of the main World Poll so you can see them all separately.

Also, generally, I try to avoid giving direct ID look up unless there is a specific “retrieve item” endpoint (and you need the ID to look up the item) or there is actual game associated ID (like items, colors, etc.). In those cases it is essentially unnecessary data since the IDs are internal only for my database.

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sounds good, appeared to be a bug to me, because at first glance the request_baskets_url has a world /id/ populated, same with the other ***_url fields so at first it appears to be a typo for the variable.

  • Adds full categorization of Emojis
    • is_boundless_only has been replaced with category (you can still do category=BOUNDLESS to get Boundless only ones)
  • Adds Settlements endpoint to Worlds API (ex:
    • This API is still very basic. It only displays the location/prestige/name of the to top 50 Settlements. I just wanted to use the basic API that was available that other sites used so we could get some Settlement data to go with the beacon data. Hopefully we will get a proper Settlement API to match the Beacon data in the near future (hint hint wink wink devs). Settlements are updated once every hour. EDIT: Settlements are updated once a hour, but it seems like they are cached for ~24 hours on the CDN cache. So it may take up to 1-2 days for your settlement details to update on the API or anything that uses it.

I have set up the repo for Boundlexx UI to handle issues for the Boundlexx backend as well. Please report issues/request features there if you have a Github account!

  • Cleaned up all of the Skill/Emoji icons so they do not look so blocky/jagged.

WARNING: I have planned maintenance for Boundlexx for next Tuesday starting at 2020-11-17T22:00:00Z. During this time the Boundlexx API will be offline for approximately 2 hours. I will be migrating the app to a new (temporary) server as I will be moving in the near future. There will be another accompanying maintenance at some further point in the future to move it back.

EDIT: I will not be migrating all of the Boundlexx tools/things so Metabase and all of the public dashboards is will be powered will be offline until everything is migrated back to the original server.

Maintenance is canceled. There will be no outage for the Boundlexx API. Some stuff came up and looks like the maintenance will not be necessary for the near future. It will be rescheduled to a future time and date.

Maintenance rescheduled for 2020-12-05T17:00:00Z. As before, expected outage should be ~2 hours.

Maintenance during traditional change freeze time frame, Oh my @Angellus likes to live life dangerously :stuck_out_tongue:

Maintence is done, but Azure is having issues switching over the origin so I had to set back up Cloudflare. It may take a while for the DNS to prorogate and for Boundlexx to come back online.


@Angellus Looks like the API has been down for a few hours. I don’t have any symptoms to report other than 500 errors.

Sorry, I am moving today. I tried my best to minimize downtime, but it looks like I messed up. :confused: