are there gonna be an update?

By shortly you mean like a in few days or something (because last time you said a week, and it was like a month before you updated them just saying),

I know it’s takes some time to download all the maps.


Thank you @james !! Looking forward to seeing 95% compliant Axon !!! Been soooooo many long stressfull days and weeks working on everything but you said I could fix it and you were right!

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i fixed it too i just removed 99% of my build

note: this is not a footfall lure…


You my friend are a Survivor! You will rebuild even better than ever!!

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thanks matey, i’ve only just started!

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MAPS UP!!! 4-24 and 4-28!!! Thank you @james


Are they up?

28th…i make the most changes right after it lol cant it be 29th -.-

Yes they are

I can’t see them on phone, you wouldn’t mind posting them on forums so people can see them.

what phone you got nokia 3210?

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Please do not duplicate the maps onto the forum.


iPhone 10 I think or was it 9

pretty much what I see on phone.
I use my phone more, now I have turn computer on to see maps.

i dont mind PMing your planet what planet is it

Tana, but my settlement is fine, I just want to see the map. I will get on computer later to check them out.

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Will they also be updated in there?

If you right click on the maps at you can save them to your computer. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Without the compactness colors?

If you press “b” the compactness overlay goes away


Ohhh Thank you.

I only check things with my phone since I play on the Ps4. I’ll check on my brother’s computer