Hunting Bot


Some of you might be familiar with the Protector bot from the Portal Seekers server. I’ve separated the hunt notification functionality from the rest of the bot and am now providing it as a public bot for anyone to use on their discord server.

OAuth2 link, command documentation, and source code are here:

Only people with the “Oortling” and “Oortian” role on the main discord can send out a notification with the !hunt command. Please don’t abuse this as it ping multiple discords and helps people know when a hunt is happening! If you want to find out if people are available to hunt, feel free to use the command! If you want to be notified when others want to hunt, use the !hunter command to give yourself the role that gets pinged.

All feedback is welcome!


I’m not sure what I need to done %)


ah sorry, the git markup filtered out some stuff in the readme that I didn’t notice until now. I’ve updated it:

You currently need to specify the role for the bot to ping when a hunt notification happens. That being said, I think I can add a feature tonight that will allow the bot to send a message to a channel without pinging a role.


So, step-to-step example:

  1. Invite bot to your server by link.
  2. Make a hunt’s channel on your server where bot will post messages.
    Make a role for hunters. Be sure they can see the channel.
    Make a role for bot with rights to change roles and post to the channel. Be sure this role is above previous hunter’s role to rule it.
  3. Write “!listroles” at any channel on your server. Bot will send a private message to you.
    Copy an id of hunter’s role from PM.
  4. Write at the hunt’s channel “!config hunt <id_of_your_hunter’s_role>”.
    If you did all right, bot will answer: “Hunt notifications will ping <hunter’s_role> in channel <hunt’s_channel> on this server.”


So now everybody on server can write “!hunter” at any channel bot can read. Bot will assign hunter’s role to this people. Be sure you made second step correctly!


Added support for notifications without role ping. (use “!config hunt norole” in the channel you want the notification in)

Filter for !hunt config mistakes. Now asks if you intended “!config hunt”

Now including calling user in notification message. Users can have their roles removed on main discord to prevent abuse.