Generate your own Fancy Template for your Sovereign world!

@Gorillastomp and @Angellus have created an easy way to generate a forum template that matches the ones that are used in the Exoworld and Homeworld posts for your Sovereign or Creative world forum posts.

How to Use

  1. Go to
  2. Fill out the form with the details of your world
  3. Copy and paste the result into a forum post.

About Block Colors

Getting colors for worlds is not an automatic process. If the outputted code to post on the forum does not have your color data in it, just DM @Angellus or @Soju-VB with directions to a portal to your planet and one of them will be more then willing to go grab the data so you can update your post!

About World Images

There is no process to automate images. Sorry. That means you have to screenshot an image of your world yourself, crop it and then upload to your post. If you do not want the default question mark image, you can just delete the first line in the template.

For the image to look the best on the forums on other places, it is recommended for the image to be a square with the planet centered inside, have a transparent background and a minimal amount of empty area around the planet (< 5%/~50px).

Text Guide for Generating World Image (Windows 10)

  1. Download and install ShareX (screenshot utility application) and GIMP (image program).
  2. Load up Boundless. Go to your world and then go to the Sanctum. You should see your world above you.
  3. Screenshot the world (CTRL+PRTSC lets you select an area)
  4. Open up GIMP. Drag and drop your image into it
  5. Use the “Ellipse Select Tool” image to draw a circle as tightly around your planet as you can. You probably want to zoom in to get it pixel perfect.
  6. Press CTRL+X to cut your world.
  7. Press CTRL+A followed by delete to delete everything else on the image.
  8. Press CTRL+V to paste back your world
  9. Go to Image -> Canvas Size... to resize your image down to a small square around your world. Use the center bottom to center the image inside:
  10. Go to File -> Export as... and export your image as PNG.
  11. Drag and drop the image into your post and then replace the first line in your template with your new image!

The format for images is


  • NAME = the name of your image (in this case, probably your world name)
  • SIZE = the size you want the image to be resized to. We recommend 300x300.
  • URL = the upload:// URL for your world image. This should appear after you drag and drop your image into the forum window.

Here is an example one:


Did ya’ll add the planet size to it?
And it looks like you’ve included the planet it orbits?

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I have the planet size details, so I could certainly add it to the template. Like I said, it is still very WIP right now.

EDIT: Also yes, it has the world it orbits (the assignment world). This is all ripped from my Discord Webhook for Exoworlds (PS and TNT discords both use it now, so you have likely seen it around). Since a lot of the tooling is breaking and changing with the update, we are kind of shifting to Boundlexx so this is a WIP for replacing Gorilla’s formatting scripts. I really hope I can convince the devs to let me open source it for you all.

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I dunno what the devs think about it, but I guess as long as there aren’t too many server requests and it doesn’t slow anything down.

I also think it’s a good thing that some of the info has to be input manually by the planet founder. This way, if someone wants to keep their planet private they can (to some degree).

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Boundlexx does not proxy the game API. All data is sits in my database and usage of it cannot impact game servers. I ingest data from the game API in a very conservative way as to not affect game server performance (it has been running and polling every world for the past month or two and no one has even noticed).

We have no plans to automatically make Sovereign/Creative posts for people, but we do want to automate it for people if they want a post. Probably a Google Form or something.


Updated the OP with the details on the new much more simple process.


Added a couple of short screenclips of how to use the Template generator for anyone having issues.


I made the post a wiki and added a text guide for how I generate my world images. If you have anything to add, feel free to do so!

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Ah so that’s how you do it. Thanks

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  • Adds a “Update Link” option so you can add a link to your template that lets you prefill the Forum Template Generator to quickly update your template!


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hey @Angellus I have changed the colors on one of my sovereign worlds and was wondering if there was a way to update the colors on the form on the forum? I tried redoing a template from the boundlexx place but if gave me the old colors again. Is there an easy way to do it?

Yeah, someone just needs to grab the new colors. I am not home at the moment, but maybe @Soju-VB can help?

Oh it’s fine. Am dumb and didn’t realize it would require someone to go and do the thing. I can change the colors myself somewhere, can I? Like type them up I mean

Scanning is easy, can do it for you in a bit.

I just scanned this one

Screenshot 2020-11-09 083013

Hopefully that is the one you wanted rescanned.

It was The Purple Cult. Sorry lol

But thank you so much.
I’m sorry for the trouble

Ok, that one is done now as well.

Screenshot 2020-11-09 083902