Boundlexx UI

After much thought and consideration, I have decided to start working on a real frontend for Boundlexx. The main thing that convinced me is @Gnomeria is starting her adventure into programming and this is a good project for us to work together!

Without further ado, here is the link:

Current features:

  • Dark/Light Theme. Auto-selects based on which ever your browser tells it to, but there is always an option to override.
  • Localization support! “Supports” the same languages that Boundless does, but I need help translating (see below)! Auto-selects language based on browser settings, but you can always manually override.
  • Display most of the basic game data: Worlds, Items, Colors and Emojis with full searching/filtering support.
  • Detail pages for world and items:
    • World Details page displays all basic data about the world, block colors, resources and shops
    • Item Details page display displays basic data about the item, how to craft it/how to find it on worlds (block resources only), best worlds to find it on (block resources only), possible Sovereign selectable colors, shops
  • Ways to lookup worlds base a specific resource or colors.
  • List all of all of the selectable colors for Sovereign World Controls.
  • Interactive Atlas Map: Lets you see a world in greater detail. Currently has all of the shop data for the world displayed.
  • A much nicer version of the Forum Template Generator

Reporting Issues / Requesting Features

Please report any issues you have with Boundlexx UI here. Or if you would like to make a feature request, put that here as well. Please keep in mind though that a single forum thread is a not a great place to discuss a bug/issue/new feature though and if you would like to discuss a specific issue/feature. please DM me here, on the forums, or use the Github project to create and track the issue and we can discuss away there! I am open to DMs at anytime as well if you do not wish to post your issue/new feature idea publicly as well.


Boundlexx UI has 100% support for localization. The same languages that Boundless itself supports. However, I only speak English, so I cannot make translations for other languages. If you are a native speaker of French, Spanish, German or Italian and want to help me localize Boundlexx UI to your language, direct message me either here on the forums or on Discord (Angellus Mortis#1769). Or if you have the technical skills to do it, make a PR against the localization file.

So far I have successfully translated Boundlexx UI into the following lanuages:

Open Source

Boundlexx UI is 100% open source as well! The app is rewritten in React + Typescript if you want to contribute. I am still rather new to “modern” Javascript/Typescript and React so I am still learning as I go as well.



seen it good work! :+1: :+1:

excellent work :sunglasses: :heart_eyes:

  • Added filtering for all of the current display pages
  • Added update notifications with patch notes.

Filters and search queries persist to the URL so you can search search results! Query parameters also match the Boundlexx API query params that match up with them. Ex:

  • Adds World Details page. Details page basically mirror of the forum post for a world and provides much of the same data.
  • Adds options to allow you to “group” results on Display pages for Worlds and Items. Groups for Worlds = Homeworld, Exoworld, Creative World and Sovereign World. Groups for Items match their “list type” from inside of the game. Groups are optional and can be toggled on or off with the “Show/Hide Groups” button next to the filters button on the Display page. Groups also are automatically not used on search results since those are ordered based on similarity to the search query.

World Details:


  • Adds ‘By Resource’ item API view
  • Adds ‘Find Color’ item API view
  • Adds ‘Find By Color’ color API view
  • Adds ‘Sovereign Item Colors’ color API view

Find By Color:

By Resource:

Find Color:

Sovereign Item Colors:

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  • Adds Items Details page
  • Many links have been added throughout the site to link to the new Items Details page
  • Greatly improved pre-loading of dependent data on pages before trying to render them

(yes I realize that is the same image as the unknown world one, we still do not have a great way to render images for in-game items yet, but it is coming soon)

Also added links to the pages to find worlds for a specific resource or block with colors:



can you add some filter here for:

  • Edit - Yes/No (I need no world in the list in which i can’t do anything)
  • Visit - Yes/No (I need no world in the list in which i can’t visit)
  • World Class - Home, Exo, Sovereign
  • Tier 1-6 with min and max (that i can set as example all tier 1&2)

that would be great

and i found something i dont understand, i think here is something wrong

i am sure that everyone can build on sochaltin its a home world, why is than the red mark at edit.
and atlantis is my sovereign, and i have edit and visit active for every one

Click the headers of the table :wink:

EDIT: I did add World Class to the table though, so you can sort on that as well.

So first, it definitely looks like you are on an older version. Visit? has been removed and Claim? has been added. Close all of the tabs you have for the app and then reopen it. If you get the update prompt, update.

That was also before I was correctly differentiating between “unknown” and “no”. Claim/Edit are primarily designed for Sovereigns, not Homeworlds/Exoworlds. That data comes from a number of sources, but largely ignored for Homeworlds/Exoworlds (though, I probably could just hardcode them for those types…)

However, there are some Homeworlds/Exoworlds that are for real marked as no edit. This is probably because of some jerk setting them via Nixbot on the TNT Discord server. @DreamEvil

EDIT: I also just updated the backend so Homeworlds/Exoworlds will always have the correct permissions now and they cannot be updated manually via the method Nixbot is using. I also removed Creative Worlds because they were getting returned as well.

it was the first time that i open this

you know what i use here ? :smile: thats your sort function which you want show me

i asked for filter not for a sorting function, i will sort after average per chunk but only for t1-2 world and from the t1-2 world only if i can edit them

thats why i ask for the filter

Also, I did want to call out @cuzzea for helping me troubleshoot and fix an Safari issue with Boundlexx UI. If anyone was having issues with Safari/Mac/iOS, it should work now.

I do not own any Apple stuff so I do not know when an Apple specific issue pops up. If you have any issues or anything that looks like it is broken, feel free to reach out and I can try to help the best I can.

  • Adds the new world/atlas images as interactive maps.
  • Adds more Italian translations from @EdWe

  • Added shops to Atlas map (NOTE shop prices in Boundlexx is still “in beta” and they may not be nearly as up to date as BUTT at the moment, so some shops may be hours out of date).
  • Fixes rendering of Atlas map image at high zoom levels so it is not blurry


Game Changer!

No longer trying 20 portals before finding one that is below 1000m and then fighting your way through the woods.

Now all we need is portal mapping and pathing and we’ll be shopping gods.

That is the idea. I know of a game API for Settlements so I plan to add those to the map as well. Portals and Beacons are another story. There are no easy to reverse APIs for them (hint hint, wink wink if the devs see this). But Settlements + Shop locations should make it very easy to find a portal to the shop.

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Talk about timing!

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  • Atlas Map: Adds actual Shop Stand/Request Basket icons thanks to @willcrutchley
  • Atlas Map: Updates coords to appear how they do in game
  • Atlas Map: Adds theme support so it matches rest of Boundlexx UI


Can you add something like the leaflet-search plugin?

so we can search the shopstands: