Looking to Preserve Portal Seekers Color App

If anyone from PortalSeekers that has to do with the website, I would like to preserve your Color App and anything else you think the community might benefit from preserving from the site!


P.S. I like preserving good things for communities I am involved in!



Honestly this is just childish.

I guess the best way to leave a community is to just set the bridge on fire while leaving…

Are you talking about the Planet Explorer? That was 100% powered by Boundlexx.

I believe I already have 100% of the functionality of Planet Explorer in Boundlexx UI as well (plus more and it is 100% open source):


Unfortunately I am totally unable to use your website. My browser just keep loading forever when the portal seeker one was very user friendly.
It might just be that I’m too stupid to understand how boundlexx works. Or maybe others have been experiencing the same kind of trouble. :woman_shrugging:

Dhush was owning it so you may want to ask him if hes still on the forum.

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Have you tried clearing your site data for the Web application? Also, what browser/OS are you using? Do you know the versions of either? I would be more then willing to help you troubleshoot any issues on Discord or Forum DM.

(I cannot fix issues if you do not tell me about them :stuck_out_tongue:)

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Huh, what happened to the site?

Nvm, found it

You can also try boundlessinfo.com. Most of the portal seekers explorer’s functionality is available between the Worlds tab and the Colors tabs.

Everything in Boundless is temporary. Players, builds, and communities come and go. It’s just the way it is. Just like those who came before, we shouldn’t expect them to keep paying for something they are no longer involved in. There isn’t a reason to call people names over moving on.


It was just a thought, I really liked the structure of their app and wanted to preserve it if I could. It lended itself to copy and pasting the data. I like @Angellus app but it doesn’t work all the time for me and errors out a lot. Also it doesnt lend itself to quickly copy data to create color polls for our guild when switching colors time rolls around. I also saw it having a lot of potential.

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