Boundless Information Station

Heya folks,

Just doing the official release for the Boundless Information Station!

You can find it at it’s new home here:

There you will find:

  • Information on resources, their location and availability
  • The permenant block colours throughout the universe
  • A pigment colour mixer
  • A place to get your forging information
  • Reference data containing
    – Colour information
    – Portal Information
    – Creature Drops

Some of you may have seen a much earlier version originally hosted by DK over at, and they can thank @purelyangelic for the glorious redesign :grin:

Any and all suggestions, critisisms and, most importantly, high praise are welcome!


Saved on my bookmarks!


Awesome. Great work. Will pin in our discord.

Latest update: Creature Drops

Been wondering what the drop rates were for your favourite creature parts?
Well, now you can have that answer!

Found under “Extras”, you can pick your favourite creature and see what those suckers could be dropping.

Side notes:

  • These calculations do not account for luck
    – Couldn’t find any information anywhere about the influences of luck on creature drops
    – Pure speculation is that it just increases the “Average Drops” amount
  • These calculations do not account for the fact that a creature will only drop a certain amount of a single item, which would theoretically increase drop chances of some things for higher tier creatures
    – The difference is so completely negligable, yet so utterly complex to calculate, that it has been ignored for the greater good (my sanity)

Enjoy! And, once again, all suggestions and feedback are welcome.


Great effort! Thanks for this. Very handy to have all of this info in one place rather than a dozen bookmarks here and there.

Just 2 suggestions please if they can be done:

  • May I suggest adding the distances between planets along with the portal reference info?
  • Also, would it be possible to search by “output” color in the mixer instead of having to experiment with all the input colors until you find the output you need.


Thanks for the suggestions!

100%, absolutely!
Was planning to do this next actually :wink:

Not really, no. There are a nearly unlimited amount of combinations per colour. It could spit the first one it finds out to you but what good is that if you don’t have the right pigments?
I might be able to add something to make the experimenting a little easier but that’s all


This is now live.