BoundlessProxyUI - Help track Sovereign World Colors + More!

Hello! Today I bring you a new an improved version of @Simoyd’s BoundlessProxyUI. I have formally taken over maintenance of the project and I finally have some awesome stuff to share with you on it.


What is BoundlessProxyUI?

BoundlessProxyUI is a MITM (“man in the middle”) proxy that sits between your Boundless game client and the Boundless game servers. The purpose of it is to read all of the data that goes between your game and the server to pull out useful data that is needed by our community to power all of our awesome tools, like Boundlexx, the PS Planet Explorer, various Discord bots for guilds or Boundless Information Station.

Why would I want to use BoundlessProxyUI?

Color data! The main use for ProxyUI is getting all of the color data for worlds that we cannot (yet) get via without someone running the game. You may have seen all of the amazing hard work @Soju-VB has been doing to scan peoples worlds so they can make forum posts with all of their colors in it. This is how that is done! So you can do it yourself and help get color data for everyone else.

Is ProxyUI “safe”?

I really want to tell you “yes”, but that would be really irresponsible of me to do so. ProxyUI is a MITM proxy. That in of itself comes with a number of security implications. I have done my best to make how ProxyUI works as visible as possible, but that still requires a large amount of technical knowledge to decode all of that information and truly know if it is “safe”. What I can give is information about ProxyUI to determine if it is safe enough for you to use:

  • ProxyUI is Open Source: GitHub - AngellusMortis/BoundlessProxyUi
  • The CI pipeline is 100% automated. If you ever have any doubts about the source of an executable for ProxyUI, you can always review the CI pipeline and download files straight from the Github Actions page directly. You will likely need a Github account to access download files from here, but Github accounts are free to create.
  • Some version of ProxyUI has been used by the community for multiple years now. People that use ProxyUI include all of our community’s fantastic Exoworld explorers: @Gorillastomp, @kasaisaru and @Soju-VB.

If for any reason you do not feel comfortable running ProxyUI, it is okay! Just do not use it. The last thing I would ever want to do is get someone to run a program on their computer they are not comfortable with. If you need color data updated/uploaded for a world and you are not running ProxyUI, just have someone you know running it do it for you. Feel free to always direct message me and have me go do it! Just give me directions to a portal.

But Windows says ProxyUI may be harmful…

Yes it does. The short answer for that is because ProxyUI is an Open Source project. Microsoft is complaining that the program is potentially harmful because it is not signed. Code signing can be very expensive and very hard to set up. Because the project is done in the free time of the community, it is just not feasible at this moment. If you are even concerned about the safety of a ProxyUI executable, please always make sure you download them directly from my Github project or Simoyd’s Github project

Uploading Color Data to Boundlexx

The main use of ProxyUI for many will likely to be to upload Color Data to Boundlexx. This allows us as a community to better track all of the possible colors in our game universe to provide that data to other via our awesome tools better.

If you want to upload Color Data to Boundlexx, awesome!. The only thing you need to get started is ProxyUI and a Boundlexx API key. Message @Angellus directly to get an API key. The API key is essentially your “password” to upload color data. Please do not share this with anyone!

Unfortunately the Internet is a scary place. The Boundless community may be amazing, but some random person off the Internet may not be. In interest of trying to keep bad people from doing bad things and projecting our color data, API keys are absolutely required to upload any data. I really apologize for any inconvenience.

How to videos

Installing ProxyUI

Saving World Data to Disk

Uploading World Data to Boundlexx

(yes, the API key seen in this video is no longer active)

Using the MITM ProxyUI (Advanced)


Also, if you want to make me nicer tutorial videos, please do so! I am by no means a video person.

Hi, I just installed the ProxyUI on my Win 10 PC and seem to be ready to upload some data from my current sovereign planet. How can I get the needed API key to proceed? What is that term “DM” in this context? Something outside of this forum?

Sorry, I forgot our community has a lot of non-English speaker natives! DM = Direct Message. Just click on my name and click “Message”.

Ah, another question: Is the sequence of start relevant: First the proxy and then the game?

Proxy first. It will actually give you an error message if you try to open it when Boundless is already running.


Hi again. Everything works as promised — very good work, thank you very much for all these efforts!
One question: After upload , is there a min time until the planet explorer web app shows the uploaded data?

Planet Explorer does not work the best on keeping up to date data in it can take up 5 hours to refresh. It is nice though since you can see all of the planet data at once.

If you want to see results sooner, you should checkout out Boundless Information Station instead. It should take a max of 5 minutes for it to update, but the downside is that you can only view one planet at a time.


good job buddy!

serpen sardini


Hi, and thank you again! This morning I did see my data…just had to give it its time :slight_smile:

Yes, very useful and professional solution. Do you see a (small) chance that WS might integrate such a proxy service?

Is this the best way for me to upload planet colour information?


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How do I upload the world data? the video links are dead to me. Thanks :slight_smile:

Dont worry, got it working!

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