Gleamball hunting / searching: What is the process?

Ah I see, I heard from some ingame chats a while ago that they can use the monthly color change to “randomize the color”. I can’t test it as I never had a sov, so I just assumed there’s some sort of randomize button that allows rolling the color randomly as if it’s coloring for a new planet. I suppose I just misunderstood, then.

Hmm, there could be a randomize button I haven’t noticed, but I don’t believe it generates new colors. I think that requires a new purchase.

If you don’t renew your world, but just order a new one each month, you could end up generating new colors though.

or do renew them and end up like Paka :rofl: :laughing:


I just learned this on my latest emerald planet

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You guys never fail to hit hard with the good details. Thank you for the enlightenment!

So let me summarize what I have learned here…

  • The only permanent planet with gleamballs is serp.

  • All other possible gleamballs come from sovereign worlds.

  • a sovereign world must have the gleamball lake biome in order to have gleamballs.

  • actual “new” colors can be “unlocked” when a Sov world is purchased, it is a random chance that a never-before generated color will be set to the world. When this happens, it is unlocked for all Sov world owners to set to when the next month rolls around, by an apparent gleam color property that can be adjusted once a month. This is why sometimes a marked color in TNT would be different than it’s designated color - the owner changed it or a new owner took over and changed it.

  • personal hosted worlds is actually an entire universe itself, and will never interact with the main MMO game we play.

So - it sounds like the most effortless option is to own a Sov world and set it to a color that doesn’t have a portal. Or get lucky and unlock a new color for everyone! The other option would be to try and locate gleamball biomes of colors that have not been portaled to yet - and even then is subject to change at the owner’s discretion. The owner would really need to be on-board with being dedicated to keeping that color for that to work.

Ok - great information folks! I have 2 more questions then:

  1. Is there an easy way to detect gleamball lake biomes? I’m pretty sure I saw some stores selling totems that auto-map an entire atlas. Is our only option to look at the atlas and figure out what gleamball biomes look like on this and search this way?

  2. When buying/generating a Sov world, is there any way to force a gleamball lake biome to be present? Or is this process entirely random?

Thanks again for your time and information.


Pretty sure there’s no such thing. Otherwise people wouldn’t want my exoworld mapping sevice :joy:

Well, other than just running to water to see if it has giant gleamballs floating above it, i guess you could also check the atlas or from sanctum. It usually looks like a lake with gleam colored dots in it.

You choose a number of biomes for the planet to have when creating a new world. The gleamball lake biome is one of them, and will have some if you choose it to be included. How many there will be, or how large they’ll be is entirely random however.


Ah okay, good to know that those totems were not what I thought they were. Thanks for pointing that out.

Owning a Sov world is starting to sound like the way to go.

Wondering if the world api in boundlexx has biome info in it… Would be useful to be able to compile a list of worlds with gleamball biomes in it. I’ll have to check.

No, that information isn’t available on Boundlexx. Biome info effectively isn’t visible anywhere I’m aware of after world creation unless the owner posts it.

Also, note that the color info on Boundlexx is gathered/updated when someone running the scanner (BoundlessProxyUI - Help track Sovereign World Colors + More!) looks into a portal of a world. This means that color data can be quite out of date, especially if the portal is obscure or non-existent.

My wife and I run Chromis I, which has a public monthly survey to decide the colors on the world.

While that process takes quite a bit of time, you could consider just doing it for gleam.

I would use to find some gleam colors you like that don’t have known planets (click the color name to see worlds with the color. Also, double check in the gleamhub as well, since some don’t get scan updates) and do a survey of what unavailable colors people would be interested in.

Unrelated, it occurs to me I should probably start scanning gleamhub worlds as part of my Chromis I color survey process to make things easier on myself.

Is there a “world tax”?

Depends on what you mean by that.
If you mean some sort of in-game tax for owning a world, there’s none to my knowledge, though you need to keep purchasing world fuel if you want to keep the world active.

I meant a tax similar to how a settlement owner taxes shops and baskets.

I just purchased my first world! Configured to have gleam lakes, woohoo!

Let’s cross our fingers for a new gleam color!!
I’ll post what color I get in this forum so you guys can confirm if it’s a new color or not.

The world tax for shop stands and baskets doesn’t go to any player.


I got Dark Orange. New or no?

that’s a perm color available on Gloviathosa xD

I recommend you check out the boundlessinfo link in here to check out the colors that can be picked and then click the colora to check if any scanned planets have those colors.

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Ok so now that I have my Sov world, how do I correctly set up a platform?

Specifically, I need to make sure I put plots down correctly so that the gleamball can be publicly mined but they can also teleport here, and that the bottom of the platform / walls are not breakable.

I am thinking the way to do it is to make plots around the ball, but not actually containing the ball. I don’t think there is a way to put plots ON the ball and allow regeneration/public breaking. Or is there? Please provide input my friendly fellow players!!

Yes, the way people do it is to plot everything except the ball itself, walling (if there’s a wall) and flooring in the claimed area.

There’s also more things that you can do to make it easier to use.
For example, some people claim the bottom part of the ball (so the ball “touches the ground”), this sacrifices some gleam but makes it convenient for the farmers since mining range is limited and fall damage exists (trampoline floor is another idea).


You can use a campfire to find gleamballs that are at the right height to make a farm. the key is you want the plot that is as close as possible to the bottom of the ball with out going into it. then you can just make a flat platform or a box around the ball.

You can see in this image there is a line between the top and bottom plot so this would be a good start to make a farm with…

Also you dont need portals to get on top of them you can just go to sanctum under the ball like so:

I also recommend claiming plots with a alt so you can take your main off the permissions list and then be able to farm at your own gleam farm with out worry of breaking the floor accidentally.

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Man, this is what I keep meaning to do haha!

I have learned my lesson waaaaay too many times… yet i just setup a farm as my main yesterday so maybe not enough lol