[Chromis I] --[T3 - Rugged Lush Sovereign World]-- [Active]

The world is now expired.
I may create a new Chromis world in the future, but for now I am taking an extended break from Boundless for personal reasons.

-------------------[Sovereign Details]-------------------
Owner : @Rydralain & @InferiorRose
Permissions : Yes Visit | Yes Edit | Yes Claim
--------------------[:earth_africa: World Details]--------------------
ID : 1522
Name : Chromis I
Type : Lush
Tier : T3 - Rugged
Atmosphere : Normal
Size : 3km (34 Regions)
Liquid : ▲ Water | ▼ Water
Region : US East
------------------[:compass: Distance Details]------------------
1 blinksecs from Gyosha Ophin
Portals : TNT Megahub, TNT Gleamhub
---------------------[:stopwatch: Time Details]---------------------
Appeared October 16, 2020 5:52 AM
Last until July 17, 2022 10:13 PM
Will Renew : Yes

Current Blocks Colors

: Obtained on Homeworld (clickable)

4 Dark Cerulean - Gleam 4 Dark Cerulean - Refgar

4 Dark Cerulean - Igneous 4 Dark Cerulean - Storis II
61 Oxide Blue - Metamorphic 61 Oxide Blue
247 Night Blue - Sedimentary 247 Night Blue

4 Dark Cerulean - Ancient Trunk 4 Dark Cerulean
2 Night Azure - Lustrous Trunk 2 Night Azure
239 Strong Azure - Twisted Trunk 239 Strong Azure

4 Dark Cerulean - Exotic - 4 Dark Cerulean
241 Strong Turquoise - Lush - 241 Strong Turquoise
239 Strong Azure - Waxy - 239 Strong Azure

246 Dark Blue - Clay 246 Dark Blue
247 Night Blue - Peaty 247 Night Blue
238 Strong Cerulean - Silty 238 Strong Cerulean
5 Dark Cobalt - Mud 5 Dark Cobalt
2 Night Azure - Ash 2 Night Azure
5 Dark Cobalt - Gravel 5 Dark Cobalt
61 Oxide Blue - Sand 61 Oxide Blue

240 Strong Slate - Barbed - 240 Strong Slate
247 Night Blue - Gnarled - 247 Night Blue
2 Night Azure - Verdant - 2 Night Azure

215 Light Viridian - Growth 215 Light Viridian
207 Pale Cerulean - Ice 207 Pale Cerulean - Besevrona
239 Strong Azure - Glacier 239 Strong Azure
47 Dark Turquoise - Mould - 47 Dark Turquoise - Lutrion
232 Stale Cerulean - Sponge 232 Stale Cerulean
2 Night Azure - Tangle 2 Night Azure
246 Dark Blue - Thorns 246 Dark Blue

241 Strong Turquoise - Cloneflower 241 Strong Turquoise
210 Cerulean - Gladeflower 210 Cerulean - Delta Cancret
4 Dark Cerulean - Ghostflower 4 Dark Cerulean
58 Deep Cerulean - Spineflower 58 Deep Cerulean - Circarpous I

4 Dark Cerulean - Desert Sword 4 Dark Cerulean - Seginiakai
38 Dark Green - Oortian’S Staff 38 Dark Green - Circarpous I
130 Light Blue - Rosetta Nox 130 Light Blue
240 Strong Slate - Spineback 240 Strong Slate
110 Ashen Turquoise - Stardrop 110 Ashen Turquoise
54 Silk Teal - Traveller’S Perch 54 Silk Teal
54 Silk Teal - Trumpet Root 54 Silk Teal
128 Vivid Lavender - Twisted Aloba 128 Vivid Lavender

47 Dark Turquoise - Branch Funnel 47 Dark Turquoise - Grovidias Te
54 Silk Teal - Clustered Tongue 54 Silk Teal - Eresho
92 Warm Moss - Glow Cap 92 Warm Moss
212 Slate - Mottled Tar Spot 212 Slate
234 Deep Cobalt - Tinted-Burst 234 Deep Cobalt
240 Strong Slate - Weeping Waxcap 240 Strong Slate - Till


Initial Resources

------------[Embedded World Resources]------------

RankResource NameAbsolute CountPercentageAverage Per Chunk
1Soft Coal Seam6,771,86634.76%183.70
2Copper Seam5,428,92527.87%147.27
3Iron Seam3,409,90317.50%92.50
4Ancient Tech Remnant Seam1,436,8327.38%38.98
5Coal Seam981,9835.04%26.64
6Small Fossil Seam640,2293.29%17.37
7Medium Fossil Seam497,0842.55%13.48
8Ancient Tech Component Seam313,5771.61%8.51

--------------[Surface World Resources]--------------

RankResource NameAbsolute CountPercentageAverage Per Chunk
1Basic Boulder66,70826.36%1.81
2Tuber Plant47,21318.66%1.28
3Desert Sword24,6259.73%0.67
4Twisted Aloba17,5576.94%0.48
5Glossy Starberry Vine14,2215.62%0.39
6Starberry Vine12,9765.13%0.35
7Rosetta Nox11,8044.67%0.32
8Mottled Tar Spot Fungus10,5534.17%0.29
9Tapered Boulder10,3134.08%0.28
10Boulder Tower10,0103.96%0.27
11Ancient Oat6,8162.69%0.18
12Waxy Tuber Plant6,5272.58%0.18
13Tinted-Burst Fungus5,6662.24%0.15
14Oortian Rice5,4222.14%0.15
15Oorum Wheat2,6071.03%0.07


Update Link

Most of the world is quite flat, so we’re finding it to be a pretty good planet for solo T3 meteor hunting.

Previous world images

January 2022 - Rydralain’s Choice

July 2021 - Pebbles in a Puddle

June 2021 - Black & White, Violet, and Red

May 2021 - Spider-Man

April 2021 - Easter Eggs

March 2021 - The Sun

February 2021 - Frozen Heart

January 2021 - Stormy Skies

December 2020 - Holiday Lights

November 2020

October 2020

Biome info & screenshots!

Redwood biome with welcome center and regen farm

Flower Field next to Flat Desert

Jungle Canopy

Old Villages tree by a desert

Old Villages structures in the middle of a Bamboo biome

Water Swamp in the rain & fog. Gleamberries!

Worm skeleton in the Water Swamp. Looks like a bit of sleet coming down.

Better shot of a worm skeleton. gnarly teeth.

Grid Platforms trees - one redwood in here too. Sun is going down.

Some night-time snow in the Grid Platforms biome. Grid Platforms makes these cliffs, and you can see some cave entrances exposed by the cliffs.

Planetscapes over the Mud Flats

Stonehenge biome scatters these standing stones around the world

The cliffs for this Grid Platforms biome blended with the glacier from the nearby Maze biome

The Maze biome seems to force itself up to a really high altitude, making these tall areas that are hard to get up. If you do hunts on Ceph, you are likely familiar with the Maze biome.

On the other hand, the tops of the Maze biome are thick, solid, flat glacier for kilometers.

Mud flats being unsurprisingly muddy

Fook’s World trees. They show up on their own often, but the biome itself is pretty hilly.

Open Mines pit here, with Fook’s World trees behind. I think there is a gleamball waaay back there!

The Open Mines include some specks of gleam in the bottom. We chose this biome for the abundance of gravel.

Another planetscape, this time over some salt flats. It’s just a flat area with ash, if you were wondering.

I think that’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed it, and hopefully it was helpful to anyone wondering about these biomes.

Survey Threads

November, 2020
December, 2020
January, 2021


Farm info here, all of which is also posted (with tokens) in the Welcome Center.

Lustrous Wood
Regen farm available just outside the North door of the Welcome Center.
211 blocks per vertical regen, which places you back at the top. You can grapple the lamp at the top from the Welcome Center door for quicker access.

Portal to regen two regen platforms is available in the Welcome Center.
Several good sized no-platform spheres are available within grapple distance of the main platforms.

Currently available by walking south of the welcome center to the desert area.
There is a motivational regen farm available, or you can farm sand freely.
There is a floating grapple cube you can use to swing there faster.
Tokens available if needed

Tangle & Thorns
Currently available by walking south of the welcome center to the desert area.
Future plans include a road with grapple spots.

Ancient Wood
Currently available by walking south of the welcome center, past the desert area, to the bamboo forest.
Future plans include a road with grapple spots.
Tokens available.

Twisted Wood
Currently available by walking East from the Welcome Center to the jungle canopy biome.
Future plans include a road with grapple spots, and possible regen farm.
Tokens available.

Portal to regen farm available.

Portal to regen farm available.

Portal available via smaller gravel portal.

All plants and flowers are available either around the Welcome Center or through the flowers portal.

There are several strata slice biomes around, as well as open mine biomes. Tokens and/or roads may be provided in the future. If there is interest, we may provide designated caves for this purpose so that it is easier to make sure you are somewhere that gets boulders of the current color set.

If you are interested in building a farm on our world, please send me a PM with details, and we can discuss.


Chromis I - The color voting world

We now introduce to you the first, of hopefully many, color voting cycles for Chromis I.

Starting today, November 2, through next Monday, November 9, voting is available. On that day, voting will close and the colors will be changed.

Once colors are changed, the API and this thread will be updated with the new color results as soon as possible.

You can use the survey available here:

(Please note that a handful of resources on the form may not be available on the planet. I tried to filter them out, but I may have missed some)
If you notice a color available to Sovereigns that isn’t on the form, let me know and I can add it.

Farm information is available in the post above here.

Please let me know if you have any questions or requests. Also, feedback on the form is welcome!

Survey color discussion thread: Chromis I - Help Pick Out Sovereign Colors - November

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Also, if you are interested in this form, it is dynamically generated by a script, and if people are interested, I will consider sharing the script.

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First thing on the form is a required email entry.

Nope. I feel being required to input my email address into the form is just a bit too much information requesting by the form.

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I definitely understand this, and thank you for your feedback. Without that, there isn’t a good way to make sure people only submit once, or else I wouldn’t have included it.

I assure you I literally won’t even look at the email addresses, but I understand that a strangers’ word on the internet is often not enough.

Edit: I’m checking to see if the settings options changed since the last time I looked deeply into this. If I can remove that requirement I absolutely will. I would prefer to not have the responsibility of a list of email addresses.

Edit 2: That requirement has been removed. Thanks for making me look closer at that! It does still require a Google account, but the email address requirement should be removed. The settings choices have moved around since the last time I looked at them closely.
I have also edited the script that generates the form so that it doesn’t generate with that requirement next month.

Edit 3: I have access to results now and can confirm that I have no identifying information for respondents. It’s just “response 1”, “response 2”, etc.


Colors updated with survey results. December will be done differently - we’ll be keeping the surveys on the forums, and will be polling for themes starting in just a couple weeks. Let us know if you have theme suggestions for color palettes.


December colors updated, top post updated with new info.

December theme: Holiday Lights
Expect lots of weird colors!

Changes this month:

  • Gyosha mall portal closed
  • TNT Sovereign wall portal opened
  • PS Biitula portal opened (lower level)
  • TNT Gleamhub portal opened
  • New Glacier farm
  • Portal to gravel & mud
  • Token & location stations for most popular resources

Some shots of the updated Welcome Center:


World colors in OP are updated for January. Theme - Stormy Skies.

We have a “not quite done” 6-plot gravel regen farm up with portal. I’ll add it to the farming post and probably edit this once it’s done.


World colors have been updated for the February theme of Frozen Heart.

No major updates to the Welcome Center this month, since I’ve been focusing on building a new color storage and workshop on Raxxa, but I’m hoping to finish the new gravel farm and set up a second gleamball platform with a closer base platform.

Desperately looking for theme suggestions over on the poll thread!

New this month!

Additional gleamball platform is up!

I saw some tips & feedback on gleamball platforms and decided to make one that is hopefully better.

Gravel regen farm!

Should be safer and more productive than the old “go find some” portal. The old portal is still up for faster mud farming, at least for now.


I’ve added a flowers outpost, including a portal to the Chromis I Welcome center!

@OnlyOneShinobi, I found a good spot right next to all three flower types!

Gladeflowers are available right outside the Welcome Center, so no portal needed for them.

I’m also working on figuring out a good spot for the stone decorations that are in caves as well as better ash access. Probably removing the mud portal, though.


Chromis I is updated with new colors. The verdant grass is really fantastic this time around, but that’s not why I’m posting.

The sand farm doesn’t suck anymore. It used to have stairs and request baskets that would mess up your pattern, especially if oyu had speed brew on. That’s fixed now.


Colors have been updated on here & the API.

This project will continue being a “when I feel like it” thing, since my life is still in flux for at least a few more months.

Colors are updated again. No survey this time, but we went for a calm & gloomy sort of vibe. Should be lots of desirable colors despite no survey :slight_smile:

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