Introducing the PS Planet Explorer


With the great work that @Angellus has done on the Boundlexx API I was able to start putting together what I hope will be a useful tool that provides information the Boundlexx API provides in an easy to use fashion.

Introducing the beta release of the Planet Explorer!

The tool currently provides a number of powerful features.

If you have any issues, please report them here. Again, this is in beta so I expect there to be some. Additionally (and perhaps most importantly), should you have a feature request, please also report that here and I’ll do my best to get it implemented for you.

Happy browsing!


Wait there’s currently 685 planets!

it counts exowrld i think ?

There are 685 planets currently. One of them is an active exo. 50 are home worlds. The Planet Explorer is not displaying/working with any former exos.

There are currently 590 sovereigns:


Hey, nice to see this published, I’ve been using it last night and today and I love it! This combined with a tool to track active portals would be insane.

Any plans to add a material filter after the combinatiorial search is done?
For example: Grass, Night Lilac


We had this conversation in discord about an hour ago. He said the materials part won’t be too difficult and he will look into adding that part of it tomorrow.


So I’ve loaded up this page, looks amazing. Apparently I could filter it? I’m failing to figure out how I can do that.

Same question/suggestion. Thanks for the answer @Naeah. Amazing tool @Dhusk, thank you!!


There should be a little filter button in the top left

I’m not seeing any little buttons anywhere…

Edit: Yeah, I must be blind or something, still failing to see this so-called filter button anywhere. I really wish website developers wouldn’t hide elements like this.

Nice job all planets can be looked up and what’s on it all in one place.

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Right left to X planets found.


Oh, I thought that was just an icon for __ planets found, and NOT a button to bring up the filter form.


This symbol, image is a funnel. Because funnels are good at filtering? :man_shrugging:

If you haven’t seen & used it before, it’s easy to not realize.


Can you add a filter for “gathering permissions”? Or for all permission types?


@Dhusk what do I need to do so you can see also list the colours on resources on my planet?

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The API needs your planets colors uploaded to it. I can do it if I can get to your planet.


This is brilliant! Great work!

Please add this one too, if it’s not too much trouble #787 1 bs from Trior. Portal here:

Thank you :hugs:


Again, that symbol is just sitting there nondescript with no styling to appear that its a button. If it wasn’t for @Gorillastomp mentioning there’s one to the left of _ planets discovered, I would’ve never figured it out.