Boundless Information Station

@DreamEvil Heya! It looks like the Information Station might be having some issues. Can’t get it to let me input resources or colours, today! :frowning:

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Hey buddy, thanks for the report!
It seems that Boundlexx, the API that’s the source of a lot of the site’s data, is having some troubles.

I really should make it so it notifies the user in these cases :thinking:


Ouh nice that’s a super cool tool :grin: thanks for doing that. Bookmarked :grin:


You are amazing for making this wonderful tool!


Hey guys, releasing a new feature today!

If you’re a forger, who forges tools, I’m sure you’ve had to figure out what the minimum amount of Devestating Damage you need to forge onto a tool for specific blocks at specific tiers is.

On top of that, you’ve probably then had to try and figure out what level you would need if you also used certain brews.

Well, to make all that a little easier for you, I’d like to introduce you to the Forging Auto-Calculator!

What it’ll ask of you:

  • Block Type
  • Tier
  • Tool Type
  • Whether the tool is full AoE or single-hit

What you’ll get:
A list of all the possible combinations (minus the redundant ones) that meet your criteria. These combinations will factor in:

  • Devestating Damage Forge Boon
  • Strength Brew
  • Strength Bombs
  • Carpe Diem/Noctem Forge Quirks

Here’s an example of it in action:

Speaking of forging, the Forge Traits section has also been updated to contain Melee and Shield forging traits!

And, as always, your feedback is most welcome :grin::heart:


Made some big changes to the layout, primarily switching from the tab-based navigation to side-navigation. I’ve also merged the Colour Mixer and Colour Reference pages into the Colours section, so if you had either of those bookmarked then you’ll have to update them.

The primary reason for the change was that I still want to add more sections but the tabs were already running low on space, depending on the size of your screen.

With any big change, it’s highly likely that something has gotten broken. If you notice something, please could you let me know :grin: Can drop a reply here, a DM or find me on Discord.


Farming Information is here!

Are you a brand new, or even intermediate level, farmer who wants to know more?
Farming tutorials are now available:

You already know all that and just want to make sure you’re planting your crops right?
We can help with that too:

The suggested layouts that you find are based almost entirely off of my own research as well as trial and erroring. In my opinion they are the most convenient layouts available, but if you think you know a better one then please do change my mind!

As always, your feedback is most welcome :grin::heart:



Low contrast between the white and the yellow makes it a little hard to tell them apart with out looking closely. A darker yellow might help make it stand out a bit more.


Thank you. This is a very very useful information. I’ve been meaning to try farming other things but don’t know how to start


Bringing you a smaller update today.

Item Attributes!

A new menu item has appeared! and that menu item is “Items”.
The only option so far is attributes but it something you might find interesting enough :grin:

Here’s a quick preview:

It allows you to:

  • Filter between item groups
  • Pin items for easier finding
  • Compare any two items to see what the stat differences between them are!

It currently includes every hand-held, multi-use Item including those available on Testing (i.e. melee and shields).
It also includes a number of dev (cheat) and unreleased (oort stone) items!

All of this data is ripped straight from the game files with little-to-no clean up on my end, meaning if you can’t guess what an attribute means just from the name then I don’t have any further info to give =P


Several of the tabs on the site are not working, such as resources and color finder. Some certs on boundlexx were updated, and maybe needs some refresh on this end?

Huh, colour finder appears to actually be down.

Resource section is running as expected, though it does seem a little slow on the API side

Just got home, cleared cache on mobile and pc. On mobile tried Samsung Internet, Chrome, and Dolphin with same results. On pc tried Edge and Chrome, also same, even after cntrl+f5. Resources and color finder both show an unclickable dotted red line.

Huh, that’s super weird.
Found out what the issue was with the colour finder, which should be resolved within the next hour, but the resources tab should absolutely be working for everyone.

That unclickable dotted line means the API is immediately failing for you :grimacing:

Hopefully the fix for the colours cache fixes that for you too. Will let you know when to try again :ok_hand:

Awesome, ty for the hard work and timely responses, fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

Color and resource working for me fine :thinking:

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Woohoo, everything just came back online again, many thanks again! :tada:

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Glad its fixed for you and, therefore, hopefully everyone :grin:

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Recipe Trees are Here

You heard (read?) that right! Recipe Trees! It’s like a tree, but for your recipe!


Not too shabby, hey?
Well have another screenshot!!

But what the heck is a Craft List?! It’s a list. Of craft stuff. C’mon man.

Probably expecting another screenshot here.
And you were right to expect it!

Surely you’re not still here reading this instead of checking it out for yourself?!

Just can’t convince some people.
Well how about another screenshot!
Disclaimer: There are no more screenshots to be found. Just go check it out.

I like it, hope you like it, and too bad if you don’t because there are no refunds.

As always, your feedback is most welcome :grin::heart:


Woot Ty ty, now got to pull out my tablet so I can see.