Centraforge Material Shopping List Spreadsheet

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Daymn that’s a long post title. Anyway, enjoy!


  • Make a copy from the file menu to get your own private version
  • Edit the fields with green backgrounds or checkboxes in them
  • Image row can be deleted, it makes loading really slow
  • Refresh the page to get all the item images if you choose to keep them


Presenting the complete centraforge component spreadsheet. Ever wondered how many spitter eyes and vital essence you need to make those 142 Pure Boon Compounds? Forget calculators, simply enter the amount in the green field next to it and watch the magic happen!

Releasing this now, hopefully I’ve ironed out most of the kinks. You should only need to edit the fields with green backgrounds. And checkboxes. That’s it. The image row can be deleted, it makes loading really slow and the first load times out with some of the images so you have to refresh the page to get all the item images.

The item prices are calculated from the price data in the second sheet tab. I went through a most of the shops in Gyosha Mall to get some initial average prices. Customize them to get more realistic ones.

edit: Fixed link


According to your work I need to go raise a lot of prices. :thinking: Haha

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@Nevir Can you add this to your references post?

Yeah I wouldn’t say the prices are realistic in any way, I overshot most of them just in case so nobody complains their pastes are more expensive than the sheet says :smiley:

It’s a wiki post! Feel free to add it :slight_smile:


Soo ark…what do you have for sale cheaper than that? Haha! Gyosha mall right?

Edit: for mats I mean :slight_smile:

Thanks… I started one of these and just gave up… It was after I spent 40 hours forging and juuuusst didn’t have any more to give! But now I don’t have to get back to it!!!

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Please don’t. Lol. I’m alway buying stuff from you.

Bahaha, no worries, I haven’t. :wink:


Fixed the price calculation when autowanting base components. The base component price is already included in the product price, so no need to count it twice… My bad.

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