Monumental: Code of Conduct

Monumental Code of Conduct

:wave: Hello and welcome to Monumental’s gaming community! We want to create a positive and respectful environment for all of our players. Here are some guidelines to help us maintain a productive and friendly atmosphere:

:handshake: Respect and Courtesy: Treat others as you would like to be treated. Being respectful and courteous is the foundation of our community.

:speech_balloon: Constructive Communication: Whether you’re chatting with fellow players, moderators, or us at Monumental, let’s keep the conversation constructive. Meaningful discussions lead to better interactions and a thriving community.

:no_entry_sign: Things to Avoid: To ensure a smooth experience for everyone, please steer clear of off-topic comments, bumping threads without adding value, and using non-descriptive topic titles (avoid the ALL CAPS!). Also, remember that spam, inappropriate content, and personal attacks are a no-go.

:underage: Appropriate Content: Let’s keep things clean and respectful. No posting or sharing of explicit, offensive, or objectionable content. We’re all here to enjoy the game together.

:camera_flash: On-Topic Images: Images can be a great addition to discussions as long as they’re relevant and follow the rules. Please refrain from posting unrelated images or single GIFs, and avoid quoting previous posts without contributing to the conversation.

:mag: Avoid Duplicates: Before starting a new thread, use the search function to check if the topic is already being discussed. Let’s keep the conversation organized and avoid spreading it thin across multiple threads.

:zipper_mouth_face: No Naming or Accusing: While discussing behavior issues is fine, specifically naming or accusing individuals or groups is not allowed. Use the appropriate channels for reporting concerns.

:no_entry_sign: Respect Official Threads: Official threads created by Monumental employees are meant for specific issues. Please keep the focus on those topics and avoid using them to promote unrelated matters.

:balance_scale: Legal Matters: If you have concerns that require legal attention, reach out to us directly. Forum discussions are not the place for these matters.

:loudspeaker: No Advertising Allowed: Our forums are dedicated to discussions centered around the game. Advertising unrelated products, services, or causes is not permitted. This includes sharing links to GoFundMe campaigns or any other promotions that aren’t directly related to the game.

:stop_sign: No Trolling or Personal Attacks: We’re all about positive interactions here, so let’s steer clear of trolling, demeaning, or making personal attacks. Remember, our goal is to create a welcoming community for everyone.

:performing_arts: Troll Behavior Defined: Trolling involves intentionally sparking arguments or upsetting others online, often by posting disruptive or off-topic content. We’re all about healthy discussions, not provoking emotional reactions.

:no_entry_sign: Examples of Trolling: To keep things clear, here are some examples of what to avoid:

  • Non-constructive comments or feedback.
  • Insults, degradation, or criticisms aimed at individuals or groups.
  • Attacks on groups, including guilds, companies, or locations.
  • Negative behavior towards Monumental staff, employees, partners, or agents.
  • Intolerance or hate related to race, politics, religion, or sexual orientation.

:mute: Private Matters Stay Private: Respect each other’s privacy. Don’t share private messages in public discussions. If you encounter harassment via private messages, reach out to support rather than engaging with the individual.

:x: No Excessive Reporting or Accusations: While reporting is important, repeatedly using the Report tool to draw attention or labeling others as trolls is considered trolling behavior itself.

:rotating_light: Reporting Concerns: If you come across behavior that goes against these rules, use the forum’s Report tool to bring it to our attention. Avoid engaging with individuals exhibiting such behavior – reporting is the way to go.

:scroll: Forum Signature Guidelines:

Welcome to the world of personalized signatures! Make sure your signature reflects your in-game persona and adds to the community’s experience. Here’s what you need to know:

:framed_picture: Content Rules:

Signature graphics are allowed, but they should be related to your character name, guild sigil, personal slogan, or anything directly connected to the game. All content must be in good taste, enhancing the community vibe.

:straight_ruler: Size Limit:

Keep your signature within the size limit of 32k bytes. This ensures that signatures don’t become overly large and distracting.

:framed_picture: Image Guidelines:

You can include a maximum of one image in your signature. The image’s dimensions should follow these specifications: Max Width: 500px, Max Height: 100px.

:link: No URLs in Signature:
Signatures are a way to express yourself, but we kindly ask that you refrain from including any URLs in your signature. Let’s keep the focus on character names, guild sigils, personal slogans, or game-related content to maintain a clean and organized forum environment.

:scroll: Text Line Limit:

You’re limited to two lines of text in your signature. Make your message concise and engaging!

Remember, your signature is a chance to express yourself while keeping the community experience enjoyable for all. Keep it creative, respectful, and within the guidelines. Happy signature designing! :art::fountain_pen:

:no_entry_sign: No Profanity Allowed:

We’re here to keep conversations friendly and respectful, so please avoid using profanity on the forums. This includes trying to work around filters or masking the words. Such actions will be considered against the rules.

:lock: Consequences for Violations:

Using profanity or engaging in serious misconduct can lead to disciplinary action, including immediate suspension of forum privileges. Certain actions may even result in temporary or permanent suspension from both the forums and the game.

:warning: Serious Offenses:

Some actions are severe enough to warrant immediate suspension without prior notice. These include threats, viruses, sexually explicit content, sharing personal information, hate speech, account hopping to evade suspension, impersonating Monumental staff, promoting illegal activities, and violating the General Rules of Conduct.

:no_entry: Zero Tolerance:

We have a zero-tolerance policy for serious violations.

:handshake: Respect Moderator and Monumental Instructions:

It’s crucial to adhere to the guidance provided by our moderators, Monumental employees, and agents. If you have concerns regarding their actions, please make sure to address them respectfully by reaching out to our support team.

:lock: Disagreements or Concerns:

If you disagree with a moderator’s or Monumental employee’s action, please refrain from discussing it publicly on the forums. Avoid creating new threads on the same topic. Instead, reach out to our support team via email. Clearly state your concerns and include your forum handle. Never share your password with anyone, even Monumental representatives.

:zipper_mouth_face: Confidentiality Matters:

Please understand that moderation actions are private and between Monumental and the individuals involved. Any discussions about disciplinary actions will occur via email through support.

:closed_lock_with_key: Respecting Privacy:

Respect the privacy of our team members and representatives. Don’t share any private communications you receive without Monumental’s permission. This includes direct messages, Support tickets, and emails.

:zipper_mouth_face:Our goal is to maintain a respectful and positive environment for everyone. Let’s address concerns in a constructive manner and ensure that private communications remain confidential.

:lock: Protect Your Account Information:

When discussing Customer Service interactions, keep in mind that sensitive account information should not be shared. Never include your password in communications with Monumental. No representative will ask for your password.

:dove: Moderation Activities and Notifications:

In the course of moderation activities, you may be informed if a moderator or Monumental representative removes or edits your post. If your account’s posting ability is temporarily suspended during moderation, you may receive a private forum message about the incident, the rule violation, and any disciplinary actions taken.

:warning: Acknowledging Warnings:

If you receive a warning, you’ll be notified. Acknowledging the warning is not an admission of guilt; it simply confirms receipt. Posting privileges may be temporarily halted until the warning is acknowledged.

:loudspeaker: Reporting Posts and Privacy:

Persons who report posts won’t receive notifications about actions taken against reported users due to privacy concerns.

:balance_scale: Disciplinary Actions:

When disciplinary action is necessary, we generally start with warnings (including warning points) and may escalate to temporary suspensions to allow for a cool-down period. Repeated incidents can lead to permanent suspension, including loss of communication privileges, game access, and associated pledges or store credits. After a 90-day cool-down period, permanent suspensions may be appealed through support.

:mega: Monumental’s Moderation Discretion:

Keep in mind that Monumental has the sole discretion to moderate forum content. Content may be modified, moved, removed, or restricted by Monumental employees and moderators.

:star2:If there’s anything not explicitly covered in the guidelines, the Monumental team will use their discretion to address those situations. This ensures that the community remains respectful, positive, and in line with the overall spirit of the rules. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to the team. Let’s keep the discussions and interactions enjoyable for everyone!

:star2:Remember, our goal is to foster a welcoming community where everyone can share their thoughts and ideas. Let’s work together to make our forums and Discord a fantastic place for all Monumental players! :handshake: