[CRAZY IDEA] Bunch of Gob's Gameplay suggestions

This train of thought originally started from discussing with Redlotus :

Below is the reply which I’ve split in here to avoid going too off-topic on the previous thread :

I’ve struggled a bit about how to call this thread… it started out as “what would make me happier in Boundless” and as I edited and moved the order of paragraphs left and right, it became “how else could building be more rewarding?” or “how else could building be more relevant?”.

In Boundless, you build for very specific reasons :

  • The artistic value, which is a very limited value, at the end of the day, as it will NOT pay for your beacon fuel or your portal fuel, or your world fuel.
  • To build a shop to sell your stuff, or to have someone else sell their stuff
  • To have an outpost to which you can warp to, to harvest some blocks or go on a hunt more easily
  • To have a network of portals to connect several builds together

And… that’s pretty much it, aside from some niche reasons I forgot. I didn’t mention “base building” (making your workshop / bank of blocks and ressources) because that’s something pretty much everyone must have.
So anyway, when you only recognize yourself in one of those 4 categories, you got a pretty big handicap.

I thought about it earlier, about what really would’ve made me happier in Boundless, especially when looking at the time my friends and I recently spent on Valheim, and the time we will likely spend on Vintage Story, and the time we will definitely spend on Hytale.

I’ve been yammering on and on about a furniture update for so long, but the truth is that on its own, it wouldn’t be enough. It would be a band-aid. It’d make me wanna come back to the game, but only for a short while.

At our place, we built our workshop and our bank. And that was it.
Everything else we did was a set-piece, a zone to roleplay, to make up some fake Lore, because of the lack of official Boundless Lore. We would’ve loved to have more reasons to build places. And I’m not speaking of having contracts to build more things in the same 4 categories listed above.
I’m talking “ok so here’s our room where our character can sleep to get a buff, here’s the room where we craft THIS specific item, here’s where we purify the water”.

I came to several conclusions, such as :
What if Boundless had a harsher survival aspect (where rain/swimming gives you a debuff -as it does in Valheim- or where food rots when not kept in cold storage), maybe there could’ve been a niche in Boundless for people like me who simply enjoy to build houses and such.
For instance, imagine a version of Boundless where there’s a reason for you to not want to be out when it rains (a stacking debuff that decreases you running speed, starting small, which then affects your stamina…), or it’s night (hostile creatures spawning), or there’s environmental toxic fog(damage ticks over time) and instead of having a convenient skill point to ignore that, you can go indoor, find some shelter from it all. You could have beds which gives a buff, and maybe even gets registered as a potential checkpoint if you die later.
Being in a shelter near a good fire could gradually remove some debuffs, maybe give some protection against them for when you go back outside.
In such a version of the game, I think I’d be the man who’d build shelters for people.
Cue the Proclaimers.

I’ve mentioned above a running speed loss when raining… turns out I forgot I already suggested that in the past! Crazy, uh?

I’d imagine being near a good fire would negate the Rain and Snow debuffs.

Now that’s a suggestion I already made in the past, and I’ll shamelessly put it back here as I think it could be used in many situations. It’d be a machine in which you could plug an atlas, and it would display a good view of the surroundings on a plane, like a hologram, above the machine. When interacting with the machine as a visitor, you’d get the map displayed in a window, while the owner would also get the slot to put/remove the atlas. This would be useful in the shelters I keep mentioning, but it could also be awesome in a shop that sells Atlasses.

What if there was a fuel-less alternative to portals, like Public warps where people can… well… warp to? Like, almost cost-free? Just spit-balling, there, but I guess the reason there even is portal fuel to begin with isn’t just the devs going “eh… F 'em :man_shrugging:” and then laughing at our expense. I would think it’s because having portals which have to load and display a real-time view of what’s on the other side when you look at them is somewhat costly on the servers, at one point, so there has to be a limit.
But what if instead, there was something like the Touchstones of Creativerse?
< DING, Gob mentioned Creativerse yet again! >

No, I mean, if there was a block, you stand on top of it, interact with it, and it opens a list of other touchstones on the same world, and you can warp to them, free of charge.
You could of course interact with a touchstone you own to get the following option in case it’s supposed to be private :
[_] other players can warp to this stone
I think this could be an interesting way of re-thinking portal networks, maybe keeping portals to travel from planet A to planet B, and keeping travel from outpost A to outpost B on the same planet, to offer a way to your more casual player to still be connected to his stuff without having to farm oort shards.
I could see myself setting up a warp stone in a shelter for people to find it easily, naming the shelter from the region it’s located in, etc.
EDIT : cr@p… I already wrote down that suggestion too… o_o

Since ‘World of Warcraft : The Burning Crusade’ in 2006, WoW has had Guild Banks where you can set up rules such as “players from a given category (new members, friends, officers, guild master) can only take X stack of items from this chest per day” to prevent a new low-cred-level player from emptying the bank, while not limiting the officer if he needs to take all the food items for raid-night.
If this was a thing, I could see myself seeting up a chest of ‘free stuff’ in the aforementioned shelters.
I used to do that in Creativerse, but without the rules I mentioned, greedy players would take more than they need (read “everything”) and it would kill the system.

If crafting stations (workbench, refinery, etc) didn’t had the whole durability thing where you have to use a spanner on them every so often (which, honestly, serves 0 purpose except being an annoyance for the sake of it - and to give another use to spanners than the auto-door, harvest boon and such), and if you could set these crafting stations on “anyone can craft with them”, I could be that guy who puts free-to-use workshops for people out in the wild, in the aforementioned shelters.

Valheim does that. It’s simple : some props have a Comfort AoE bonus, per category. Say you put a wooden stool, you’ll get +1 comfort. You put down a chair, you get +2 comfort (the chair being valued at +2, but in the same category as the stool, it overrides the stool’s value, so you could have 1 chair and 2 stools, only the higher-valued items would count). Comfort isn’t a per-room or per-beacon value, it’s really about finding the exact block where all the Comfort AoE bonuses all converge.
In Valheim, Comfort is a buff that makes you health and stamina regen rate higher. The bigger the comfort score, the longer the Comfort buff lasts.
It’s simple, and it works. Great incentive to decorate your place. Even better if you have options.

If there was a ‘golden book’ feature for people to leave a quick tweet-long message to say “I love that place!” (which gets deleted after been read if that poses a technical problem) or even just a :+1: Like, even if that translates into no tangible gameplay benefit, I think I would’ve been more inclined to keep building. Y’know, login into my place, seeing “oh, a new like? that’s nice!”.
To this day, I still get people telling me they love what I did on Creativerse, because it outlasted me in the game. I think it’s wonderful to have a persistent world on which you can leave a lasting mark.

In this world, there are … well… I was gonna say “two types of players” all dramatic-like, with a cowboy accent, but uh… nah.
In this world, there’s an undefined amount of types of players, one of which is those who like to run into dungeons and kill things, and those who like to build these dungeons.
I like to think of myself as one who’d build such dungeons.
But first, the game must be designed to allow that.
If when I’m in the Sanctum, I had a small wing where I could access a magical portal leading to a Prefab Maker. Let’s say a platform representing the max size a prefab is allowed to be, and I’d be in creative mode with the ability to create said prefab. I’d have a UI with some basic options to indicate if it’s an underground prefab, a ceiling prefab, an underwater prefab, a surface prefab, if it’s rare, if it’s allowed to have a loot-chest, etc. And then I could upload it for someone to review it and MAYBE later add it in the roll-out of prefabs used in exo-worlds.
Ok, I have 0 idea how such a thing could work because I lack the know-how… but you get the idea. If I could, as a player, spend time creating prefabs to decorate future exo-worlds (in my case, it’d be ruins), I’d be that guy.

If there was occasionally (like once or twice a year) a contest like the body-paint one, where you can suggest an un-interactive object (whether it be through a concept-art or a 3D model properly created in 3DsMax) and the selected winner would be created by Wonderstruck (or if the 3D model is good enough, it could only be re-worked by Wonderstruck) to be added later in-game among other things. That would be a win-win, as players would get a higher chance to get something they want, even in times of content drought.

It’s been said many many many many times that it’d be awesome if you could blueprint something (like a small build, or part of a big build, part of a pattern to repeat it) and sell it. I think I would’ve been the kind of player who sells blueprints of his creations for people to use, whereas I hate to farm creatures and grind in mines to sell ores, meat, bones, plants. But selling something like a workshop design, for example, that’d be right up my alley.

Again, shameless re-posting of a previous suggestion : the one reason I’m not using decorative crops in my builds is because they wither. What if we could spray a crop at any stage of growth with some sort of special fertilizer, and it would remove its ability to grand prestige in return of preventing it from going into a further growth stage, or to prevent it from withering?
I love making overgrown ruins, and I’d make A LOT more gardens if I had that.

Above, I mentioned “What if Boundless had a harsher survival aspect […] where food rots when not kept in cold storage”. Now you could think "eh, add a new type of chest, the fridge, which requires chill crystals as fuel to work. And yeah, that could work. Or you could make it so that ice/glacier blocks give a stacking cold debuff that impacts nearby players and items. Players would get a debuff gradually stacking that reduces movement speed and puts some kind of freezing texture on the corners of the screen. Food placed in nearby plinths/containers wouldn’t rot. Nearby crops wouldn’t grow. You could then design cold storage rooms to keep your perishable items in. Clever players would design them so that the food is impacted, but the player interacting with the containers isn’t.

When you build in Boundless, but you feel like you have nothing to build, when you start running in circles… that’s when the sad part really starts.
When you come to the conclusion that the only activity you should be doing if you wanted to do more in the game, is the only PvE activity available (meteor hunting), and when you find that activity to be super repetitive and boring… that’s the sad part.


opens word in order to prepare commenting


I think you have some great ideas. I’d love to be able to allow anyone to use minters at my public mines so they could get rid of unwanted blocks and make some money. Public access workshops would be a great thing, too.


Some good ideas, indeed :+1:

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I’m a HUGE proponent of something like this. :slight_smile: You’d need to give the owner ability to remove entries and all to be safe if it didn’t get deleted after read, but it is clear people love to get feedback on their work, and at least for me, a nice compliment can keep me smiling all day. :smiley: Edit: Imagining this different than the mailbox here, something to keep a record of all the things people say about/rate/likes on a build.

(And also, I’m one of the ones who loves what @Goblinounours has done in Creativerse, got one of his blueprints on a map! :grin: :+1: )

Edit: Also would love, love to have blueprints added!


Wow I like every one of those suggestions! I am hoping dungeons will be an update in itself. I remember chatting with a dev before this update started and this is on there list. I think a titan planet would be awsom and easier to make than titans
The outer crust would be titan flesh and once inside players would have to destroy internal organs/boss fights. The loot would be stuff you could use to make your own dungeons and mini games. This is my dream!


I’ve also added a lil’ something I forgot to write :


Sounds a little similar to: Terraria, where you can craft a campfire and place it near you (along with heart lamps). It helps you regenerate health while you’re fighting a boss or during a tough event with lots of enemies. In Boundless, this could be useful if you’re on a high tier planet or fighting a meteor.

In the game I shall not :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: name, I like how their portals look really different, depending on their use/destination. If they lead to a PvP arena, they are red and have a bomb hologram in them. If they lead to a lush, tier one world, they are green…etc. Special event/gloomy/dungeon destinations have black portals. I also like their permission structure - you can designate a public chest of goodies, one for guild members only, one for officers only. You can access a list of actions to see who did what(Player A removed 3 dirt blocks, Player B added 5 gold statues to the Officers’ chest…).

It would be great if there were little pre-fab shelters with crafting stations that new players could find/claim/use.

Dungeons of some sort. Yes, please.

I like finding the little random treasure chests in Creativerse.


First off, I love all your ideas and I can tell you and I are very much alike and played many of the same games including many you have not mentioned. Let’s tackle your opening statement:

Artistic Value

There really is no way to value an artistic build at least an in-game one unless you consider footfall and/or an artistic one having multiple roles of shops. For me the value of something you build is almost invaluable. To finish something you build that has taken you and/or your friends weeks, months or years to build is an amazing feeling, but at the same time it is almost sad when you do as then you question “What’s next?” if there is a next. That’s the beauty and curse of building games and sandboxes. You can build everything and anything.

I think some of these ideas may become reality with local servers. I initially was very much against the local servers and I still am to an extent, but it seems you would be able to create your own version of the MMO universe by linking local universes to a central server (splitting the community is my biggest issue with the local universes). I am in hopes maybe we have more freedom in that regard to customize the servers such as reducing the portal cost or increasing the OORT that can be placed in a portal or make them free as you stated.

Permission Layers
The ability to place permissions on any accessible block.

Plot Layer - Like we have now. Allow someone to access blocks within your plot.
Guild Layer - guild member basis
Player Layer - per player basis
Machine Layer - Allow someone/everyone access to minters, crafting stations, etc.
Storage Layer - Allow permissions and limits to be set on storage blocks. (chest, storage blocks, vases, etc.)

This will solve the some of the Chest Limitations you mentioned and also some of the Free To Use Crafting Stations

Shelters/Survival Aspect
That would be an interesting experience for this kind of game. Imo survival stuff should be on specific planets or maybe some kind of menu choice. (In games that have a survival mode, it is usually separate from normal mode or other modes.) Ngl I would definitely try the survival mode, since that is an exciting game genre. (Maybe you could earn a cosmetic that can stay attached to your account, that you can equip across worlds? Perhaps a Wildstock helmet for example?)

Atlas Reader
I really like this concept. The machine could look really cool too.

Warp Stones
All for other portalling methods / saving on Oort.

Prefab Making / Dungeon Making
I would be one of the players who would love to defeat the dungeons made by players or the devs. Might play around with building some here and there, but seeing a new location with different rooms or mobs and even treasures is fun!

Props Modeling Contests / Blueprints / Permanent Crops that Don’t Die

Everything else that I did not touch on is a cool concept.
So many great ideas! :D‍

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Yeah, in my head, the point of the shelters was mostly to create a new reason for building things.
I quickly mentioned a “water purifier” because at one point, maybe automation could be a thing in Boundless. Imagine the ability to put such a device under a source block of water, with a fuel (maybe elemental crystals), and it would fill its storage compartment with purified water.

Point is, you could have a reason to make a room entirely designed for various types of automation.
We would have to see if/how Wonderstruck reworks the crafting stations, if they add things like conveyor belts to send newly crafting things to chests and such. That could change how we look at the game drastically. Could be the biggest change the game has had in a long time. Or it could be just a visual change to the existing crafting stations and we’d all be underwhelmed. ^^’

In retrospect, when you make a forum search for “CRAZY IDEA”, you can see I wrote down a ton of stuff like these. Pretty happy with most of them as I always tried to make each fairly workable.


I like the idea of needing to build for more reasons, I like the idea of food decaying and the weather debuffs… I also like the idea of hordes, maybe only on high tiers but it would add a defensive aspect to your build.
Once I reached high level and an abundance of coin the game kind of felt too easy?
Some optional challenges would be pretty cool, I know not everyone would want to deal with that. Maybe a new tier of world or something

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Cool thread. I once had what I thought to be a cool idea for tier 8 boss planets. Each region would have a giant tentacle or something that would need to be destroyed before the core of the planet could be accessed. Inside the core some kind of elemental boss maybe.

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Ive always wanted some kind of quest / dungeon adventure loot side piece to the game :crying_cat_face:

runescape quests where it was sorta a scavenger hunt adventure


Like gauntlet exploring a cave for loot with a boss at the end :man_shrugging:


You’d have to go to a T7 or T8 planet to complete hard clue scrolls :grimacing: - that’s where the Boundless wildy would be too


Ah the wildy :joy_cat::drooling_face:

We could definitely have some fun guild wars on boundless :smirk_cat:


You mention Valheim and I think that game’s environmental mechanics perfectly execute on everything that boundless lacks. It’s the reason for Valheim’s tremendous breakout popularity.

The building, community, and economic aspects are vastly outclassed by Boundless imo, but the environment is king! Valheim’s environment is the chief concern when planning what to build, and where. Where as Boundless building chiefly promotes prestige as a measure of the time or money invested in acquiring and placing blocks, there is essentially no metric for form or function of a build. Character stats contribute more to your ability to survive an environment than the bases we build around ourselves. After you have built a workshop, storage, and shop connected to a portal network, you have fulfilled all of your building needs.

Valheim’s success addresses all of Boundless’s weak points, and mechanics like these should be considered for the very next Boundless update!


I think it’s important to separate the ideas of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation for building. In boundless, as it is, you use intrinsic motivation to decide what to build. You build because you are satisfied with the act of building and because you enjoy having built the thing you envisioned.
In Valheim, the parts of building you’re talking about - structuring to stay dry, organizing workbench upgrades, high comfort level, don’t suffocate, etc - are all extrinsic motivation. You make those design decisions to accomplish a goal prescribed by the game.

Now, to enhance your point, Valheim also allows for intrinsic motivation - you can build beautiful structures that also have amazing comfort levels and don’t suffocate you.

To counter it, a little, having the freedom of building purely intrinsically motivated structures (outside of creative) also has value. I wouldn’t want to build my color storage tree under survival restrictions, but I’m building it on a T1 planet.

Anyway, my point is - yes, this sounds really great, but only on high-tier worlds.

Differentiating the different types of high-tier hazards would be cool, too. Different storm types could potentially damage different materials, so you don’t build with wood on a burn planet, or metal on a shock planet, you can’t have crops outside on a toxic planet, etc.