So, you know how we have networks full of 1x2 portals, which often lead to the same world.

I’m assuming it puts a bit of a strain on the game’s servers to have 30 to 40 of these in one place, which to me explains the cost of maintenance.

Thing is, if I stop playing for a few weeks, all my portals shut down, and visitors can’t use them. That’s a bit of a downer.

Hence, I’m wondering if there’s not some alternative traversial methods that could be added and would cost nothing to use.

So, how about a Teleporter pad.

  • It would be a device on the ground, not any thicker than a glass pane, preferably with a fence on one side to indicate the facing-direction.
  • No visual portal to show where it leads.
  • You would have to interact with it to be transported.
  • Upon interaction, it will display a window UI showing a list of all teleporters pads (and beacons?) within a settlement.
  • You would not be able to use a teleporter pad to go to another world.
  • You would always be teleported facing the opposite direction of the fences.
  • Using the teleporter pad would be free.
  • The teleporter pad could possibly have a 10 seconds casting pop-up like the “Return to the Sanctum” option.
  • Yay, I love that idea, dew it!
  • Meh, I don’t care for that idea…
  • Nay, I don’t like that idea, don’t dew it!

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Would there still be incentive for portals to be used if this was implemented? If it costs nothing to use, I would think it would replace most portals.

Replacing the 1x2 on-world portals is kinda the whole point of the suggestion. :rofl:
I think portals should be kept for off-world travel, and on-world travel should be free or at the very least, far cheaper.

You could make it cost the same as opening a sanctum port. Then a normal portal would still be more efficient in terms of convenience. Honestly, you could make this as a straight replacement for the sanctum without any further consideration…

If you could program in a set of destinations that anybody could use, even if it cost a little more than sanctum, it would still be well balanced. It would save a lot of space. And if you could warp, teleport to teleport you wouldn’t have to worry about getting bumped far away


Having to search for all the other pads wouldn’t not decrease the strain on the server since it would need to be scanning constantly for pads over the planet.

But if it let you pick from your locations it would be nice!

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Ah, I gotcha. Personally, I think it would still be a good idea to have on-world portals. My recommendation would be to make the teleporter pad the cost of a regular warp or something. That way, for example, a shop owner can setup teleporter pads and not have to pay the cost of portal fuel and that puts the cost on the consumer/visitor to visit his shop. However, if he wants maximum exposure and ease of travel for visitors, he’ll want to keep a portal open.

In my mind, I think that would incentivize keeping portals open to the large networks, and perhaps using teleporter pads for lesser known places to conserve oort. It would increase the amount of connections. Basically a method of travel in-between a portal and warp to a saved location.

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What I was initially going to write before the list thing was for the teleporter pad to work with a similar token system as the portals, but I thought it could be interesting if the teleporter pad worked a little like the Touchstone of Creativerse, which is pretty much your beacon, except CV allows you to display a list of all public touchstones on the server and to teleport on them at will without any cost. It’s awesome to visit other people’s builds.
And really, CV seems to load that list instantaneously, too, so I don’t know about the whole “having to scan constantly for pads”.

Pretty sure people would never use teleporter pads if they had to pay for it, because the teleporter pad doesn’t have the portal visual showing you where you’re going.
I would certainly not pay 100c for that myself.

To me, the cost of a warp is really only to account for you making the game open the ‘portal visual representation’ of where you’re going. This to me is one of the many reasons why teleporting to the Sanctum is free.

Now the Teleporter Pad could take 10 seconds to cast, like the Sanctum teleportation ability. That would be fine with me.

Fair enough. A 10 second cast would probably accomplish a similar purpose to what I’m thinking.

Personally, a teleporter pad would be the most useful for a large shop or base. It would be easier to check stock in certain areas, move faster between your storage and machines, etc. It would also make building vertical a more useful option.

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It would also be great if we could fly in our beacon area or turn off gravity :grimacing:


I have no idea why we propose any new ideas on the forums. It’s painfully clear the devs are going to do whatever they want and that there is zero roadmap. It’s the reason I no longer play. Hate to be a downer but it’s a sad truth.

Definitely what I had in mind, yes.

Currently, my place is set-up with a portal to avoid us from making a 45 seconds trip all the time, because our bank is up there on the left, and our current projects are down there to the right.

So if I could replace the on-site portals with a costless teleporter that would still make me gain roughly 35 seconds of sprinting, and we’d be making A LOT of Oortshards savings too.

My only fear with something like this would be to know what happens we’re you accidentally leave your beacon.

They would have to make an obvious countdown before the flight/gravity effect wears off. But then you’d have seconds before it does, so I would expect some people to find ways to exploit that.

If your suggestion sounds like something the devs would do, then they are likely to do it. :man_shrugging:
They did kinda implement one of my suggestions.
I mean, I don’t know for sure, maybe it was a total coincidence, but the “Revive at Home beacon” option was added real soon after I wrote the thread.

But do you know why I title my suggestions with “CRAZY IDEA”?
Well, besides the whole trademark deal (I’ll sue the cr@p out of you if you try to take that away from me), it’s because I know the devs are unlikely to ever implement them, because they’re too far-fetched.
Most of my suggestions are always more for discussion purposes.

But I’ll admit that I’m overly attached to a few of them and I would think the game to be insanely better if they were added.
Might make a list to compile the best ones…

IMO it needs to have a cost just like everything else in the game otherwise it will reduce the price of oort which is a valuable commodity BUT I do think that there could be a way that its fueled by anyone? You can only put Oort in and NOT take it out but ANYONE can put Oort in. It could have a “fuel” meter that displays how many jumps are left on it. That way you dont lose too much value on Oort and it can still be fueled by the portal hub owner.


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I completely disagree… the devs in this game have been actually VERY receptive to community suggestions in my experience… yeah it takes a lot of time for them to get around to things…small dev team with large ambitions… but I really do believe they listen.


Yeah, I guess this makes sense.
Put a stack of 900 oortshards = 900 jumps.
But then I’d rather also be able to put at least two stacks at once (same with portals).

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I think the limit could actually be much higher than 1800 maybe quadruple that? mainly because it would “eat” the Oort similar to how spark generators “eat” the fuel… now we have spark as an item that can be taken back…

this gets us to the next problem though… say there are 1800 shards in the teleporter. Beacon owner breaks the tele to move it… where does the oort go? can the owner just take it all for themselfs? is it tied to the item somehow so it cant be retrieved? things too consider

I like the idea. there would have to be some limitations… max distance, max amount, only works within 1 beacon/ settlement and so on… but it would be a good thing to have and a game changer for mazes and dungeons

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