Decorative Glyph/Letter Blocks

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Love the new blocks in testing right now! Especially the frieze blocks.

I’d love to see some more blocks, like those, that have the letters from the oortian alphabet and/or some oortian glyphs on one side that we could do some fund decorations with. I know we can write those letters ourselves with blocks, but I just think it would be fun to have carved marble ones!


Love this idea


I would love to be able to use the Oortphabet in game


The great thing about the oortian alphabet is that you can square chisel it. :wink:
I know its above the 1 block scale, but I’ve already seen it ingame a few times.

Oh trust me, I know! But with those frieze, I just want to do some temples, and for that you need more iconography. Alphabet blocks would just be the beginning! We need the creatures and the veggies and worlds!

I miss the Glyph block from EA!!! Return return return!

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