Decrypting the Oort Glyphs

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I just found another Oort glyph! look at the guy’s belt buckle.Here

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Maybe the ooartian system is base 8.[/quote]

Seems likely. Or maybe base 4. (Fits into the cube theme well, and I have a hunch it might be influenced by Myst’s numerals)

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I think we’ve been looking at this wrong; instead of looking at the lines, perhaps we should focus on the solid spaces between them. That’s what the devs seemed to be concentrating on when they made the different glyph fonts.

See the different glyph fonts Here.

Also in that thread, it was said that each glyph represents a word or meaning.


of course this means it is COMPLETELY useless to speculate as to their meaning since we have no context as to what they could possibly mean

Plus they said it was like konji or Chinese symbols each have a meaning but are not phonetic in any way.

I know Chinese symbols do have some method to there madness. For example, ( 木 Mù ) means wood then if you put two together like this ( 林 Līn ) you get forest. As the symbols get more complicated you can bet that if you see a ( 木 Mù ) somewhere in the symbol the meaning has something to do with wood, trees, plants.

I wonder if the glyphs have some similar system.

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Maybe It´s as simple as that:

First you split the cube it in parts (the 2 yellow ‘L’ shaped boxes in slot Nr.2) then you go on with filling the cube with 2x1 boxes (like the ones in slot Nr. 3 & 4) Then you go on with filling the cube with 1x1 boxes (like the red ones in slot 5)

Meaning that 6,7 and 8 would look like this:

And that the Oortian number system is based around the number 8 (like binary is around 2 , Arabic around 10 and hexadecimal around 16)

But that´s also just a quess :smile:


Don’t forget the 2x2 squares.

Well if there is a 2x2 square then there is no isolated middle cube, meaning that it is no number but a symbol for something else.

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That would make a convenient way to tell whether a glyph is a number or not.

Edit: if the Glyphs at the top are all numbers, that dosen’t work.

Could please you explain why?

There’s no isolated block in the middle of some of them, so by that rule, they’re not numbers.

Those are just some random glyphs posted in another thread, those don’t have to be numbers.
I´m referring to the Inventory/container GUI picture.

Epihpany: what if the glyphs on the various tools indicate the materials they’re made out of?

that would explain why you can see the same glyphs on different tools, and different glyphs on tools with the same function but constructed slightly differently.

this would have a role in gameplay, allowing people to approximate the sturdiness/effectiveness of various tools without having to read a description. Here’s a quote that I think supports my theory:

4 looks like a good wood Slingbow, but there’s going to be
multiple wood, stone, metal and gem variants, so we need something that
looks like it’s more made out of one recognisable material (in this
case, stone)


New info! The boundless logo is a glyph, and the stone texture has a glyph in it, too. This probably isn’t news to some people, but it’s cool to me.

Is this kind of correct?
Does anyone have a translation of the glyph above the middle of our characters health bar?
I think it might represent our level, but not sure.

Vastar hasn’t been around for a few years now, but I’m fairly confident that the number system is still mostly the same. The difference is that the graphical style has changed a little. The icon over your health bar goes up with your level, and also changes color if you have GC.

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This is an interesting read. It’ll be pretty cool when they’re able to start adding more lore and context to things in game.

Edit: it’s funny looking at conversations you guys had 4 years ago and the merits of speculating. It looks a lot like some of the conversations that have been had on farming. Some things never change :smiley: