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“I use brews but Other …”

I use a few brews. Sometimes I run out and grab a couple on the fly. Mostly if I know I’m low I find a good deal and buy a bunch.

This means that I may buy nothing for a couple of months, then clear out a couple of shop stands. Because rarely are small crafters stocking more than a stack of any single brew.

IDK I haven’t bought a teaching pie since Aenea left. I think I still have a stack and a half. Similar for mega speed/strength. I bought a couple hundred minor healing brews last week, after I have a chance to dig through reclaim (to make sure I don’t already have stacks) I’ll probably go buy another 2 - 3 stacks of them.

I bought some smoothies because they sounded good again but yeah - not if they strip other brews.

So due to playstyle, I use a limited number of brew types. And I tend to buy them in large bulk which means somebody could see no sales for a long time, then find themselves suddenly cleaned out.

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Being a builder there’s no real need for brews for me. The only brew I might use every now and then is probably speed if I need to farm rare colors on exo planets or farm exp.
There are edgecases where strength brews might be more efficient but I’m just too lazy to keep that in mind and calculate those cases.

I tend to use teaching pies most of the time for passive exp while building but those only get used while I’m safe from fall damage.
I rarely use persisting pies while farming. Those tend to be limited to my exo gathering runs, too.

I craft and buy them :slight_smile: it depends on if I have materials, if I’m in a rush etc. Or like specific brews I never looked into that I would buy. Like speed brew I most likely make myself. Strength brew 50/50 buy or craft. And things like healing brews, cleaning brews now for upcoming Christmas events is something I buy

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I can craft them but usually buy them—lots of speed, strength, revive as I hunt nearly every day, sometimes multiple times, as well as mine on t6/7 daily. a couple hundred each a week? I am also a kraken enjoyer.

Shop reclaimed by Balkinus, and is up for grabs!


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