Outfits Exp & Targeting! Release 198 Overview | Jiivita's Corner

if anybody needs a location for this i got a perfect spot in aquatopia premade for this with aquahub conections
it can be plotted our we can talk about sponsoring plots since it sits plotted just let me know cant wait to see what people come up with lol :smile:
and devs i hope in futur we get our monorail :wink:

https://forum.playboundless.com/t/boundless-first-themepark-looking-for-attractions-builders-our-portals-to/12149rs link to pics

as usual building in aqua has benefits aqua sponsors the builder :smile:
the prisemoney ya can keep also :smile:
we just always in market for more epicness


I built mine in Planet Coaster… Is that isolated enough from existing builds?



hey @Steele i want to build a rollercoaster in aquatopia
but need to know if it can be put into competition?
we where allready planning it :smile:i hope we can enter contest
aswell please let us know soon :slight_smile:


As long as the roller coaster doesn’t utilize your current city in an unfair way, then I have no problem with it :slight_smile:

Edit: just saw the screenshot. It’s isolated enough, good luck!


@Steele Where would you put the portal hub for coaster access? I would like to try my hand, but just want to make sure it’s “accessible” hehe. At the moment I’m on Vena and that isn’t what I’d call close to anything