Delta is offline? It's back!

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I reported this earlier… if it is still continuing to be problematic you can use TNT Megahub to get around the Delta issue

Just did it again for me… WEBSOCKET CLOSED

My home base and everything is there. RIP me :skull_and_crossbones:


haha I just tried heading there too, cant do that hunt now :sob:



Those are supposed to be on Delta…

My home beacon and other Delta places look like that too lol

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It’s dead Jim

Ultima & PS hub Delta portals too


Does PS have alternative routes to get through offline worlds? I know you can use the long way to get to besevrona


How dare you not live at gyosha!? My whole life is a lie!?


Usually you just have to use a diff portal to get to a planet when there’s an issue.

Not this time though…no portals are working. My characters that were on Delta were booted from there.

TNT Delta portal —

The atlas isn’t blank, so that’s a good sign…I think…

There’s all kinds of outages right now…might be something to do with that. :woman_shrugging:


Boundlesscrafting got nice stats

Select Delta Cancret and you can see that there is no data from that planet for 4 hours now

the world is down from a repeating assertion preventing corruption of a beacons prestige data. currently seeing what I can gleam from the crash dumps; there is a way to force restart the server and recalculate the prestige data from scratch for these kinds of cases (Its been more than a year I think since the last time we hit an issue in this part of the codebase…)


Will we lose items or progress?

no (strictly speaking, you could lose up to at most 1s of progress as that is the granularity of world saves; so yes, but… no, not really.)


Yes we do.

you can go around Delta by going through Lamblis > Circ I > Besverona > Serp (now you are back on the main line)

Our full layout is here:

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Still offline

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ILegend making 200IQ plays.

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I can’t log into the game at all as my character was on Delta Cancret when it crashed, login screen keeps giving me the message that I’m still connected to a world - it’s been over 10 hrs now. Is there any workaround to this?

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