Deluxe Edition Questions

Hi all!

Tried to search if this was asked but couldnt find it so here i am. I think the answer is no but I’ll give it a try.

Can we buy the deluxe edition more than once? If yes, do their plot bonuses stack? Thanks!

I think you can buy it only once per Steam Account
If you have multiple Steam Accounts no problem
I think the plot bonus is not stackable though …
You all may correct me if I’m wrong :grinning:

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I’m 99% sure you can only buy it once per account. Other wise there’d be people running around with 1000% increase to plots lol


Just once afaik

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Thanks all for the replies. It was worth asking. Topic may be closed :grin:.

Though honestly maybe they’re missing an opportunity here. I don’t buy cubits, but if I could buy the deluxe edition 10+ times I totally would do it (even though I’m aware that functionally that’s more or less the same thing, it’s more appealing)

Maybe there is a limitation due to technical abilities and to keep trolls away. For one, if there were many thousand plots builds, i think thatll impact performance. Also, the more people who have thousands of plots at their disposal, the more troubles.

Edit: Oh wait… People could buy cubits and achieve the same thing xD

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