Deluxe still broke?


I bought deluxe upgrade. I can make the gold fist, but didnt get the 30days GC or coffer, and not sure on plot bonus i didnt look before.

Is there something i need to do?


If you check your total plot amount it will say +10% next to it so you can clearly see how many extra plots you have from the bonus.


Ahh i never checked there only bottom of inv screen.
I have got the 10%.

Only missing Coffer and 30 day GC


If you look in the Gleam Club tab in the shop it’ll say how much Gleam club membership you have. It’s also shown on your Character Overview.

The Cubits should be shown in the Exchange.


I didnt receive the gleam club 30 days or any wood coffer or cubits.


Can you share or PM me a screenshot of your Gleam Club Exchange tab and your Character Overview details?


We’ve reviewed the purchase of the Digital Deluxe Edition and everything appears to have been processed as expected.


Ehmm, James, you’re a nice guy and all and you all reply rather quickly to many things.

But can I point out something that kinda, sorta ticks me a teensy bit off and am sure that others might even have a much worse reaction to it?

I will say it anyway without waiting for a reply.
It’s rather frustrating to notice that you answer this question regarding the Deluxe upgrade (for PC) very quickly and even follow it up 2 days later, yet, I and others keep trying to get an answer on the progress of the PS4 Deluxe upgrade and we don’t hear a peep.

I’m sure it’s because you have nothing new to tell us but we would love it if we could at least hear if you’re still planning on doing it and/or what the current status is…

Thanks! And keep up the good work with the game!

Oh yeah! more planets please! :joy:


I saw another game’s dev say something like if they haven’t answered a question about their game its either because they don’t know, they cant do it, or cant speak on it contractually. The same likely applies to boundless. Going off of what i’ve seen over the past few months my guess is something is keeping them from saying due to contractual reasons. Hopefully they would let us know if they can’t so people (myself included) could stop asking.


I answer questions based on: 1. how quickly I can answer them, and 2. the urgency of the issue.

(For example, if the Digital Deluxe Edition purchase was failing - it isn’t - but if was failing - then this is something I think would need resolved super urgently.)

A one line question often requires a significant effort to answer correctly.

I will respond to the DDE for PS4 thread now.