hi im saving up for this game and it will take a while i really REALLY cant wait to play! so by any chance is there a demo i could play?

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Sorry no demo atm :c
Maybe in the future though @ben @james?

Maybe some kind of trial mode post 1.0 when the game is more developed, but right now we’re focused on making the core game great.


ok thanks!

A demo would rock! I know a few people that might be interested, but they’d need to touch before they can buy. Will a demo ever be a thing? Like a chance at 1 character on 1 world (special demo world?) with 1 beacon (per player) for 1 week?

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I really like how other MMOs do demos, it’s a great way to invite friends.
But i would limit it by character progression, say level and plots, rather then by time.
And i guess there will have to be some limitations in place that people don’t abuse free accounts for other purposes, like no permissions on beacons, no trade, etc …

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