Dev Q&A Video #1 - Question Submissions

How do feel abot this comunity on the fórum? How do you feel about the current development of the game? Do you feel you get the enough support from us? What do you want to do for this game in terms of DLContent?

Will there be any higher level portas for higher level worlds? Will there be a new realm like (comparing to minecraft all the time bugs me but) the nether realmente In minecraft?

Why would there be other realms? Just make a nether world in the worldbuilder if you want to :stuck_out_tongue:

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By this do you mean will higher level worlds require rarer materials in order to craft the portals to those worlds?

I believe their gameplay loop mentions that the plan was to kill titans in order to advance to the next tier of world difficulty, so the answer is basically yes.

Short on time so I can’t find link right now, so someone please help me / correct me.


I’m glad there is :yum:

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Every item will havê its image right? I See they havê names instead of images and few havê images. Images would be better IMO

The names are only placeholders don’t worry^^

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when is this happening?

How will the player spawning system work? When we die where will we respawn?

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if the worlds are finite they must have a minimum surface lenght so it doesnt seem that round right? or can there be a world of only 10 cubes? also, is the world round or cube-shaped? and if we dig all the way to the ground what happens? do we go all the way to the other side of the world? how does it work when you are reaching the center if you can?

i don’t know if this video already happened or not but:

will we be able to see other worlds in the night sky or day sky as we are in on the surface of a world? thats too complicated right? i think any of us would ask you guys to do this but im curious if we can

and also: are there going to be anything related to constelations?

The worlds are mathematically donut shaped but ingame they just wrap, you can’t dig through the core. The world has a certain height and that’s it.

I would say the minimum size of the world should be the maximum render distance. So you can’t see yourself again (or maybe even multiple times^^)


oh ok so you are saying it just loads more world like, “deletes” atr our back and regenerates at our front right?

Worlds hosted by Wonderstruck are finite, and are generated in such a way that you seamlessly wrap around once you get to the “edge”. Walk in a straight line and you will eventually end up back where you started

However, the game engine does support “infinite” worlds (up to computational limits), the same way Minecraft does it. Those just require a lot more disk & RAM, so they’re not well suited for MMO style worlds

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thank you!

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And again, when will it be released on PS4, or at least a beta. (i know i’m being redundant)

AFAIK there wont be a PS4 beta ^^

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They said they are exploring options for a PS4 beta. Not sure what came of that though^^

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As far as i know, there isn’t any official word on a PS4 Beat, but i sure hope there will be.