Dev Q&A Video #1 - Question Submissions

You’ve asked for more videos with us, so we’re going to be doing a video Q&A :chester: Please submit questions as comments and we’ll try to respond in video form with as much detail as possible.

Try to keep your questions succinct as we’ll have to read them out first. We’ll try to only answer or provide details on things that haven’t been covered on here or on, so check here to make sure your question hasn’t already been answered.

We’ll keep this thread open for a few days.


Do you think 1.0 will be released this year or will you have to delay it?


‘‘Can you hint to how player progression are gonna work in the game?’’

‘‘Have you guys made thoughts on which crafting professions you want ingame?’’

‘‘If gold (ingame currency) is gonna be a part of the game, can you talk about which goldsinks you guys have considered’’


A few questions:

  • how many worlds will there be and how many different resources (like ores, flora etc.)
  • Are ranger and chargers the only hostile creature types?
  • will there be guild vs. guild pvp?
  • how will monument generation work? Will we be able to design our own monuments?

These are all questions i can think of :slight_smile: I hope these aren’t too many :lester:


Try to avoid questions that make assumptions outside of the current scope of the game :wink: (there won’t be any crafting professions, plan is everyone can craft everything).


well that answers that i guess xD

its haaard though, you guys are pretty secretive :smiley:

We try to answer every question on here and we’ve got a whole website that explains the entirety of what Oort Online will be, I’d hardly describe that as secretive :frowning:


Alright then, sorry for the question, i was just throwing things out there :slight_smile:

no crafting professions? :frowning:

We don’t have any plans for crafting professions at the moment. Might talk a bit about this in the Q&A seeing as it’s a popular subject.


This just means that crafting will not be formalized, top down, from the developers.

And I am OK with that :relieved:


A discussion of the survey results along with your perspective on it.

  1. What systems do you have in place for griefers?

I know I can put up a beacon, but that doesn’t stop someone from walling me in, for example.

  1. Will there be a story-line, goals and tasks?
  2. How many features do you think we will see delivered this year?

Progression and what defines a character in general is very important for a lot of people, i know you guys know what you are doing, it just comes as a bit of a bummer that you havent planned crafting professions.

To me its important to be able to define yourself, are you a crafter or a fighter, and what are gonna be the difference on one crafter and another or one fighter and another, those things.


have we even gotten the survey results yet? if we have then i havent seen them.

exactly my thoughts

I was inferring they could release the results as well.

Ah alright. just wanted to know if i had missed them xD

When will putting our own beacons be coming to players world wide?