Devs Should do servers Stress Tests With Hunts this can help them

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the servers need to be Adjusted At currently oort hunts are laggy with so many players. also if they add more players without these meteors we will have major crashes across all of boundless I think. also spawning so many mobs in a world causing issues also healing bombs too. There’s a lot i suggest devs to participate in large hunts or get current hunt leaders to host a large hunt for vary of hunts availed with max amount of players the planets can handle so they can see It will be a great stress test for them. currently oort hunts, gleam meteors hunts, loot hunts from testing games also the Christmas hunts for candy canes too. @Tiggs @monty1 This will be helpful for if you want to see how many mobs and Players also healing bombs will cause stress and also to see how to improve so you can fix these issues before advertising or releasing new content so old player when they join it won’t cause stress on servers and if they crash that wont be good at all. also recording the whole progress will be helpful too :smiley:


Great Idea :+1::+1::+1:

WE Had recenlly also with only 20 Players on Sovereign lags and Connection issues meaning the hole group and Not only Personal.


I´m not a hunter. It’s too much stress for my age and all the effects hurt my eyes too much. - But a good idea.

But before that, a team is needed.


I would Like to be Part of IT and could lead the Hunt. To make IT Not so hard for Most Players OR would do the Test in a T3 so people WHO normaly Don t hunt could Join too to get Maximum people for the hunt.
It should be done on several Timezones too .
I am in Europe Germany located .
Greetings Turrican2006


Was that the 20 person hunt last week on the T4 that was at full capacity? I was there for that one. The server lag was crazy. My in game character is Aenar.

No IT was on T6 Planet

it look’s like the whole hunt lags and we get kicked and have to relog back like the world reset’s I think it has happened like 2 times in the last 4 month
both times we lost a LEVEL 6 .

I think it was Thursday that we had a T4 hunt where multiple level 5’s and 6’s were dropping at each platform.