Devs: what will happen to Plots / coins / items when Testing goes Live?

sorry if this has been answered already however my hopes are to clear up some confusion floating around.

It seems like everyone i talk to has a different theory about this topic… personalty i feel that this reply by @james is rather cut and dry.

however many ppl are saying that we will loose all plots except those that are already placed (kinda how it is on testing) other say we will have a negative balance of plots and we have to earn back… etc

maybe its just me, but there seems to be an general uneasiness concerning this topic.

if they devs are willing… a more clear glimpse of what is in store for our plots, coins, and items would be appreciated ^^

Well I mean, the plan as per james is right there. Everything else is pure unsupported speculation. You can’t really get any clearer than that. It may be executed slightly differently (plans dont always work 100% of the time, after all) but the goal seems to be pretty straight forward here.


lol i hear you there…It sounds to me like we keep everything… but there are… skeptics?

I never thought the day would come when I quoted myself!!

As I said:

  1. Players will retain all coin, plots and inventory items. No matter if they’re placed or not.
  2. Players will lose their old style progression because it’s getting replaced by the new progression system.

If there are still questions let me know.


This should be hard to doubt now!

Edit: Thank you btw! and sorry to have wasted your time.

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