Dhuskfall Markets Officially Open!

Hello, all!

I’ve opened a humble little shop at my home base of PS Grovidias Te. You’ll find the portal from the GT hub on the first ring. As of the moment, I am only selling fragments! All four fragments types are for sale and I have a tons of each.

Come take a look!


Currently selling (prices fluctuate based on supply, demand, and other factors but I always try to keep the prices low):

  1. Sulphur Fragments
  2. Olivine Fragments
  3. Saltpetre Fragments
  4. Cobalt Fragments
  5. Opals
  6. Ancient Tech Remnant
  7. Ancient Tech Component
  8. Ancient Tech Device
  9. Compact Soft Coal
  10. Compact Coal
  11. Compact Hard Coal (SOLD OUT - will restock this weekend)
  12. Ancient Vital Essence

You might wanna check your notifications :wink:

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Aaaaaaand they’re gone lol. I tried to price low but def not the lowest. Still sold out! Thanks!

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Restocked (a little) and added the sale of all ancient tech as well as opals. Huge supplies!

Restocked more and lowered prices! All fragments and tech for sale! Opals as well! Will sell out fast!

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Dhuskfall Markets has added 4 new items for sale:

Compact Soft Coal: 25c
Compact Coal: 45c
Compact Hard Coal: 150c
Ancient Vital Essence: 3.5c

Huge stocks of each. Also, new, lower prices on all fragments, tech, and opals!

Stop on by and take a look at my new build as well. It’s a WIP but happy to receive feedback (which you can leave in the mailbox on the shop level.

Dhuskfall Markets is now selling white sedimentary rock! Just 5c each. Head through the portal and immediately to your right you’ll find the stands.

Additionally, I’ve restocked all fragments, tech, opals, compact soft and medium coal and added sand + flint.

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