Diagon Alley final verdict

After much thought I think it will be easier to remove the plots from my main build as I don’t do much with it and focus all my time on Diagon Alley. with that said I think unless I do find a really good spot that dk suggested or some other suggestions… then I will be starting the build on arie the only issue being is that ill need to flatten the land.

Or build it in the sky with @DKPuncherello mall lol

Now that is a Great Idea!

if @DKPuncherello is down to let me build next to him then that would be amazing

Lava lakes always have huge open areas to build on. Regular lakes too. The plus is you don’t have to flatten, but you will have to build a floor.

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There are planets with canyons and ravines that seem like they’d be well-suited for the winding streets of diagon alley (to me anyway). Sky builds look fine and all but they don’t feel hidden away or cozy. I dunno, just a suggestion : )