Diamond mine location


While watching a video, the guy went to a diamond mine.

It was a portal named diamond mine.

It didn’t show how he got there though.

Does anyone know the location of a diamond mine?

I’m on Angel1.



There is a few in the la familiar mining network and on both Serp & McRib servers in the PS Hubs and ULT Hubs.


You’re going to need to go to a T5 or T6 planet, most likely. so you’ll need protections to survive there.

I know of a good mine right outside the PS hub on Serpensarindi.

When you arrive in the Serpensarindi PS Hub, there should be a little stand that says “ATLAS 600C” really large over the top and has 2 portals below that sign. The one on the right, I believe, is the diamond mine.


You’ll need 3 points in potent protection to survive the atmosphere. But you’ll be fine for health and all otherwise, so long as you’re just doing the diamond mine - no baddies all the way down there.

You will, however, need a really good hammer and a lot of points in hammer skill, probably, to even break the rocks since it’s a high tier world.



Thanks everyone.


Cuttlepunks have 2 very productive mines in our stargate portals. Easiest access will be using the grindstone Ultima portals on Angel (apologies if I’ve miss named something) and going to the main Ultima portal. From there navigate to the Alintas Ultima gate. At the Alintas gate leave the protected shelter. Just outside and down the fist ramp you will see the portal to the Alintas Stargate. Once through there you will see a portal to Flan that you will take next. After this just continue straight through the portals until you reach Malurialakrib. The mine access is in the lower level of the portal. These mines are open to the public. Consequently we also have a very productive mine at Galan currently available as well. Our other mines will be made available through our portals as well in the future. Feel free to message us if you have any questions! Good luck mining!

location 2,100N -2,059E alt73



I can’t find the Alintans gate at the Ultima hub.

From Grindstone I entered the Aquarius Network Ultima Guild HQ portal.

Is that the correct portal to start?

Ince i entered that,I see the us west portal, but I don’t see Alintans listed.

I’m probably at the wrong spot since I’m new to all the various hubs etc.


I found it, but I don’t quite have the protection I need for the T6 worlds.

At least I know its here.



Sorry just saw your post. Glad you found it. Not sure of your mining level or experience yet, but as a suggestion to max your mining there. An Atlas for Mckrib with a diamond in it, 3x3 AOE hammer, speed or strength brew (depending on the hammer), Persisting pie (to extend the life of your hammer), and a gem change chisel if you would like rubies as well. At the levels of those mines you will find lots of diamonds, titanium, and hard coal. If you go up as high as alt 20 you will also find gold.


Don’t chisel the raw diamond seams, but compact them and then chisel. Better ratio for chisel durability.


I find it better to chisel the raw block before I mine it. Easier to get mass craft of a specific gem. The chisel is easy to forge and I’ve had the same chisel for months. I add durability and light to it. I get aprox 600 gems every hour (at these mine). And I mine on average once or twice a week.


Curious, what is the cost for a chisel like that? I bought one but can’t remember the price or even who I bought it from (stupid meds) to use as a loot magnet but don’t want to use it as a chisel.
Just wondering what it would cost me to buy one.


The math says otherwise, you need 360 rough for a mass craft of 50 compact, then 36 compact to mass craft 50 refined. That’s ~260 rough to mass craft 50 refined. Even if each seam drops 3 gems, to get 260 rough you’d need to chisel 87 seams. To achieve the same, you could also chisel 36 compact blocks, that’s more than double the efficiency of chiseling seams. Both routes end up with 50 refined.

The only variable is the amount of drops from seams, am I incorrect in my tests that it’s less than 3 on average on a T6? I thought it’s about 2.5.


Anywhere from 1000-5000c depending on the shop.


Not sure I don’t buy them I make them


You also have to consider that at some point to place every block and use the chisel to switch them and break them again. You’re time counts here too. Either way, personally the chisel is one of the easiest forges to do. I don’t buy them and they last a very long time. It’s really not worth my time to switch them after. We will all have different perspectives, neither is right or wrong. They’re both valid.

Not trying to offend, I do appreciate you going deep into the math.


Yeah I like to min-max my resources, you seem to min-max time, just different approaches :smiley:

edit: Although come to think of it the only extra time is really the place and destroy phases and it doesn’t take long with a specced builder with an aoe hammer to do both :thinking:


Absolutely. It is interesting though. I think You are right on your assumptions for 3 drops on level 6 though. As long as you have max luck.

And yes it probably would come down on if you’re about max efficiency from a tool or time perspective