Diamonds Miners Wanted | 50% / 50% T6 Hammer Contracts

I’d like to do a 50% / 50% split while you mine for diamonds, I provide the hammers (3x3 aoe + lvl 8 dmg + random). Budget hammers so no need for dura food.

Is this a reasonable deal? Do people still do this?

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Seems like a good deal, I’m sure ppl will do… would be difficult to trust that the miner gives you 50% back though.

Are you looking for a long term thing or once off? I’m willing to take a crack at it

Ps unrelated but in the ballpark, if you’re gonna 2-shot with a gem AOE hammer, it’s better to go with ruby for durability, rate of fire and energy use :nerd_face:

I’ll start worrying if I see low returns, hoping the community is trustworthy ^^

A bigger burst to start, got 27 hammers ready to go, just need diamonds to make more :sweat_smile:

Diamond lvl 8 dmg is T6 1-shot with a dmg spec?,0,4,8,9,1,5,1,0,0,0,0,9,0,0

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Seems pretty reasonable to me, do you have a target amount of rough diamond you were looking for?

I’ll be happy if I get 250 per hammer, they’re 2000 dura. In my tests I was getting way above that so there should be some room for error. But if for some reason the contractor doesn’t hit that it’s not the end of the world :slight_smile:


Time Frame?
You select locations or the miner?
I think you can ask my customers so far that iam trustworthy, if we make a deal.

Yeah lvl 8 is 1shot territory, and you’ll get 250 pretty regularly. I got some persisting pies at 300 each, can drop that price for hand and/or frequent trades

No set time quotas, you mine when you feel like it, I can reserve up to 3 hammers per contractor, otherwise they’re first come first serve.

Miners select where they want to mine, but I can go make some location tokens if the contractor requires it.

@Prome3us Sent a pm :slight_smile:

I’ll take one hammer for a spin…

Never done this before but I don’t mind taking a hammer and trying it

I’m interested in doing some mining for you, if there’s any additional details, PM me?

Do you just want the diamonds?

If you focus on the diamonds as best as you can, ignoring most other stuff you can keep the extra stuff. But if you’re mining everything you find and end up in the 250 return range I’d probably ask half of large fossils and gold :thinking: That became more complex than I thought, but I’ll also say everything’s negotiable :wink:

You can sign me up for one, I’ve got a good spot on McRib with no lava that I can tear through and I’ll go halves on all the metals and coal that I pick up incidentally too.

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Sent you a PM @Mayumichi

This was the problem we were running into too when we begin thinking about the quest counter. So we started to put everything into a point system. You could do something similar if someone ends up brining a lot of fossils and gold back.

I think I have enough people now :slight_smile: I’ll ask for more here if some quit
@blinvir I’ll pm instructions momentarily.

Are you still doing this? I can’t PM you

Check this thread as I think it is the most up to date for the mining contracts for TNT

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