Did you ever see tetris blocks dance before your eyes at night as a child?

Because that’s totally happening to me with oort voxels. :smile:


I think this is off topic?

As i cannot really se how it relates to anything.

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you cant see how it relates? i cant even see what the point of it is xD

Ignore these guys.

It happens to me way more than I care to admit!! I even wake up placing blocks in my head, then it’s a combination of two thoughts:

  • “Ugh I am spending too much time in this game”
  • “Shoot, that wasn’t real? Now I have to place all those blocks all over again!”


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Well it never happend to me xD but thats because I never played Tetris much as kid ^^
Btw can you make this as Off Toppic please?


@Rowena your gleam structure seems to be coming along nicely! What’s the next part?

@DarkRepulsor I’m working on 2 fronts simultaneously on my gleam castle, switching as I get bored of one task.

  1. Continuing to dig out the back of the castle of granite and sand, as my build location was on a hill. (Must come up with a solution for the front corner which touches the guy with the rubix cube’s beacon (is that @Ardos maybe?) I built right on the edge and only later realized that part of my build is obstructed by dirt I can’t dig out because it’s on his land.

  2. Continuing to fill in the gleam blocks to match my desired pattern

  3. Once that’s done I think I will dig out arches - the goal is not to be a solid wall, but a castle of sorts.

Finally, once arches are dug out I am going to replace some of the gleam stones with charcoal in some sort of pattern. Must experiment before final decision is made.

This is my first time playing a game like this, and I’m sure the way I’m doing it is not even close to the fastest way, but I’m enjoying it so :shrug:

As for marking this off topic, I don’t think that’s appropriate. I actually checked where to post this before posting it. This forum says “Discuss anything and everything about Oort Online,” and off topic says “Bought a new hat? Found a penny? Want to talk about your lunch? That’s cool, just do it in here.”

Since I was talking about Oort online and how I’ve been playing it so much that I see it when I close my eyes, I think it belongs here. If the forum mods or whoever disagree, I’m sure they’ll move it.


Eh, General Discussion for this topic is fine imho.
One thing I’d suggest for your castle is if you’re going to dig the arches out of a solid wall, consider “drawing” them on with the lantern blocks so you can see if your pattern will look good before committing to breaking all those blocks. It will save you time and potentially frustration, plus the lantern blocks break many times faster than anything else so they make great blueprints :wink:


I now have the tetris music looping through my head. Damnit :confused: