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now with the sovereigns if you own a planet you can have unlimited online storage?

just place a beacon and reclaim
note: you do not have to fuel your beacon , reclaiming will automatically fuel the beacon you want to reclaim on
normally you would need to wait 2 hrs+ for a fresh placed beacon to be able to reclaim it.
but if you stand on your beacon area you can force a reclaim with such great sovereign powers! (see images)
this way you can just place a beacon, claim the content, get what you need and reclaim again and
just choose another reclaim if needed.
you could also add items to any reclaim!
just reclaim it on a beacon, add storage blocks to it and add items to the storage
then force the reclaim again, and you will have those items added
(will make a video soon)
just a little tip again for those that did not know :slight_smile:

happy weekend!


I think I read you’re limited to 255 beacons, including reclaim beacons, though, so it’s only virtually unlimited storage.


250 is the limit but you can always add to that 1 reclaim.
so if u reclaimed it just place storages and add items to it, and then reclaim it again
adding those items to that reclaim

(normally you would need to empty out the reclaim before you can reclaim again)
not with this power

Oh, is the sovereign forced reclaim a conglomeration of all reclaims forced by that sovereign?

hmm i kind of don’t get that O-o :thinking: :sweat_smile:

time to spin up some alts :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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(O.O) I use 4/250 still :laughing:

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