Difference between starter planets


Was curious as to the differences in the starter planets besides the obvious of how the land masses are formed and the colors of the trees, grasses and rocks.

I know that level two have spitters that are aggressive. There is a old thread that discusses them, but how much has they changed since the last update is what I would like to know. This isn’t for me (I’ve explored enough to know on the level 1 and most of level two in EUS and WUS), but new players who want to know about their starter planet and others they are considering moving too.

How difficult is it to get around? On water planets are there lots of cliffs that make it hard to get on the other strips or islands?
Mining how easy is it to see the veins from the rocks on hills, cliffs? Or do you have to dig in various spots to find the veins?
Is that planet more rock than land or more land than rock?
Abundance of trees and of the plants needed such as the swords?
How much flat land is there? If it has hills and mountains is there enough land to make a nice settlement or will you have to carve them out to put down a base or planned settlement with friends?
Does it have lots of pits hidden by grass that you can fall in and get seriously injured or even die?

And any other info you think might help new players. I didn’t like Aldar, it was too hilly, trees were spread apart too much and to many pits hidden by grass and many are deep.


Most of the T1s i’ve been to are fairly easy to travel for the most part. Terrain and trees will depend on the region of that planet. For example sorissi has a lot of flat land in some regions, lots of water in some regions. Then theres a couple regions of huge cliffs and pits that drop down into the water.

I think its this way because you have some people who will want to build on flat land then some people who may want to build something at the bottom of that pit on the water.

My advice to new people is take your time running through unfamiliar areas because there are pits, both natural and player made, everywhere.


The one exception to easy to navigate T1’s is Beckon. If you have a grapple it is not bad but all the rivers mean
you will be using your grapple a lot or building a lot of bridges.

I started there are between the rain and the rivers, I am glad to be somewhere else now.


I will use me as a example, it doesn’t really fit but can give a idea. If it had been me alone playing I would have done some running around to pick a spot. Then built small and come here to ask questions of other planets, traveled there and pick one that I liked.
But, what about a player who doesn’t visit this community? Will they really think to explore. Watched videos of some players just going okay, I guess I have to build here and put down the campfire, beacon and then fuss about the type of terrain. Granted, that is a bit silly of them to not think, but . . .
Anyhow, I thought it might help to know some things about a planet. Even the colors can be a factor for some, LOL
Have pink and you Will Not have me living on it, I totally despise the color pink, so would never live on a planet that has pink on it.


I remember when i first started. I had no idea there were even other planets/colors/types of terrains. When i spawned in i just started doing the objectives and settled where i landed. As i explored i moved my campfire again and again until i found flat area near a lake and thats where i made my first real base.

That was part of the fun for me. Breaking your base down and redoing it as you find more colors/better setups/new planets/etc