Different kinds of upkeep for equipment?

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First of: I know this topic also would fit into other topics (like gold sinks or different magic or crafting topics), but I want to have it for discussion separated to keep a close look at it.

I played some other games a while, where ESO and seven days to die gave me an idea which may be fitting well into Oort for enrich the need for trade and economy.

What if there are basic and advanced resources that can be used to create better items AND which are needed to keep this equipment working?

For now we know that Oort cubes are a resource which also fill the role of a currency and that there will be different worlds with different resources that may be kind of exclusive to them (like the different gleam or woods now ingame). If I understood the devs right there may be ways to use the cubes (or gems that they mentioned) to give items some additional stats or bonuses.

What if we don’t only have to repair the item itself, but also “refill” the source of the bonuses? For example we could use wood to repair a shovel or the right metal to fix up a sword or other weapon again, but the bonus of the weapon (+20% fire damage for example) has a own “battery” which can run out and which has to be refilled by the right cubes or gems again to reactivate if run out.

In ESO you use soul gems (different sizes for different level of items) for refilling enchantments, but Oort could use different kinds of cubes or gems which may be rare on the one world but more common on the other for the different bonuses. On this way people would need to keep up their equipment with more effort, which may include trading if the gems or cubes you need are very rare on the world they are playing on in the moment.

I would like to see a system like this, cuz on this way there would be easy ways to keep the equipment working (nearly nothing is more frustrating then losing (the functioning of) equipment often due to unability to repairing it), but to keep up the bonuses as well we would need more work (which would encourage trading and teamwork and would be a great gold sink).

What do you think?


I bet there will be a reply in which someone will say. “we have already been over this post it here” or something along those lines xD

I think that is a nice idea and i would like to see it paired with the possibility to recycle items you don’t need.


  • you have a nice “fire hammer +3” (or ‘Lvl:3’)
  • a monster (or a ‘treasure chest’) drops a “fire hammer”
  • recycling the fire hammer you’ll get some iron scrap and a “fire cube”
  • to repair your hammer bonus you need 3 fire cubes (cause it’s a lvl 3 weapon)

This should open the possibility to:

  • sell the fire hammer to somebody who can pay you with a couple of fire cubes

  • recycle it and find somebody who sell other 2 fire cubes OR 2 fire hammers to be recycled

  • etc.

  • i don’t know if this has been already discussed -