Different tiers of backpacks (more inventory space)

Allow crafting of backpack in game as a way to increase amount that can be carried.

Tier one:
Increase inventory slots by 1 row.
Negative effect (Quirk type penalty)
-1 agility

Tier two:
Increase inventory slots by 2 rows.
Negative effect (Quirk type penalty)
-3 agility

Tier three:
Increase inventory slots by 3 rows.
Negative effect (Quirk type penalty)
-5 agility

I feel making it a non forged type benefit would be best. The penalty would be an automatic set quirk to the item.



Made of roadrunner feathers


Haha. I like your end game thinking! Though feel that should be applied to only the tier 3 backpack.

Perhaps something like hide, leather, type of storage (shelves or chest), glue (depends of tier).


Seems like it would just make more sense to have the items in your quickbar not show up in your backpack. Those are equipped, hanging from diaper and beards. Rest in backpack. Would free up basically a row for every person.

I like the design more of how 7 days to die does it


As well this would indicate to new players that there is a way to unlock more inventory space.

I don’t know. I currently can hold 32 items in my prison wallet. Seem like a decent amount. Are you talking vertical row of 4. Or horizontal row of 8.
If horizontally I think 3 rows(24 more items) is way too much.

horizontal is what I was thinking. If there was tier 3 if say it would have to be extremely difficult to craft. Material cost expensive. Even doing a basic upgrade for one row I think would be a good backpack. Though I know people like there tiers of things :rofl:

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Make them require that titan skin/leather stuff