Different types of mounts

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Hey guys anyway so I wanted to suggest some stuff bout what type of mounts should be added that could climb mountains and could help us get through hard stuff and so I thought that maybe they should add a spider that would use it’s web to make a platform and could swing over and climb the mountains and second a gorilla that could climb the mountains and could help us wenever we need help climbing and so if you guys have any suggestions just tell me and they should also add a flying mount and some water creatures


A bug for a water mount. a giant water strider. It would make a ‘pure water world’ on a sovereign planet a real contender and could lead in to more crazy themes.

Could you imagine a giant water strider, carrying multiple people across a water logged world to a steampunk oil rig converted in to an organic farm community? Kevin Costner sure could!



That would be awesome

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(ground) hopper mount hops/jump like a kangaroo taking you from a to b and can jump mountains etc this mounts guide bar is called ‘‘bounce’’ the longer you hold a button the further it will jump.(will have a jump guide bar)

(air) Flying trunk:will fly to a maximum altitude of 200 ,comes with speed rage instead of the jump this mount has a guide bar called ‘‘rush’’ holding the button will build up rush and releasing it will make the mount rush forward

(underground) DigSpitter being able to take u on an adventure underground will spit at blocks to make a pathway, also this mount comes with an guide/boost bar called '‘rampage’’ the longer u hold the button the more rampage you build up the more blocks gets destroyed in your pathway.

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I like the idea host

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Magic carpet would be cool


Yes it will

i should get an alt called Aladdin

you can be Abu


Donkey. We need a Donkey. .