Different Types Of Skill Tree - Points and Progression (and Drawbacks?)

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OK, as usual, I’ll be unsubscribing after posting, it’s a suggestion, after all … it’s not posted as a debate topic.

I think that changing how the skill points are used could massively open the game up. I believe a good way to do that would be to shift some skills (and invent some more) to a separate, progression based, skill tree … akin to how the trees work in Far Cry, and other games that use a similar system.

So, still keep the current system as the main way of doing things that are complex, game defining mechanics. Which affect how you use machines, etc.

Except move a load of stuff out of there to a progression based tree, like larger jumps, light epic (which should be triggerable, btw), which is pathed, and will take a LONG time to reach the top of the various paths.

This makes even the most ardent player keen to keep going to get that one progression based skill that you can only get with 1000 hours, 3 levels of the tree already done to even unlock it, and er … 1000 cuttles killed? I dunno.

It’s almost achievement based, and quite rewarding … but also means that anyone can get there eventually.

It also means that certain things don’t need to be weighed up for certain characters, as to whether or not they’re useful … and hey … rather than making characters OP … potentially introduces (hopefully) new balancing acts for characters … I dunno.

A back of the mind thought that also came in (if it was deemed that this could unbalance the game) was that you could also introduce drawbacks to some skills, perhaps … so that certain character types didn’t just become the norm, or overpowered … if that has ever even nearly been a worry … because … let’s face it … this might be the only game where there’s literally not an ounce of competition in the mechanics of the base … and I do love it for that.


oh my, how I would love “use and progress” type of skills

craft wood and stone tools to level tool crafting to next level; then craft metal tools to unlock next level etc.

use hammer to level up hammer mastery

collecting drops could level up luck attribute

sprinting would increase running speed and jumping a lot would fill up progress bar for all jump skills

use forge for intelligence maybe

block damage to increase armour, while getting damage could increase vitality

my favourite way of progressing is through using actual attributes/skills for sure :sunglasses:

we can dream :roll_eyes:

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